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The WInd and the Sun


Copyright 2008 Vivian Arend

Excerpt Two

She may have been the one to slow things down, but that didn’t mean her body wasn’t strumming with need at his mere proximity. Damn the contest anyway, she wanted to lick him all over.

Right now.

“Sunshine, I think you need to come over here.” Zephyr sounded concerned and she scrambled over. It was a sandcastle. What could possibly cause that note in his voice?

She looked all around the edges. Moat was fine, the wall was fine. The tall towering turrets they’d managed to get to rise to waist height stood solid.

“What do you need?” Sunshine flicked a glance at his face and suddenly his arms were around her, drawing her body tight against his torso.

She melted. It was the only way to describe it. Every inch of her skin nestled against his. The slight dusting of sand caught between them tickled in some spots but she wasn’t about to complain.

Zephyr slipped a hand into her hair. “I need a kiss.” He guided their mouths together, controlling the movement to keep it slow and gentle. Closed lips brushed over hers, hot and brief, like a small gust over desert sand. He pulled away and she heard someone make a horrible whining sound.

Oops, it was her.


“Yes, babe?”

“More? Please?” Sunshine leaned in and kissed him back. She let her hands rise around his shoulders. They were both sweaty and covered in sunscreen and everywhere there was sand, but she didn’t care. She touched him lightly to keep the harsh grit from scratching him, unable to stop her need to caress her palms over his back, down his waist, over his firm butt.

He opened his mouth and their tongues touched. His taste filled her, made her want to ignore the let’s-go-slow message she’d sent earlier and throw herself backward in the sand and cry “take me.”

Of course, that would be fairly painful with the sand everywhere.

All she cared about was getting more of Zephyr. More of his kisses, more of his touch. She pulled loose the back tie on her bikini, reached higher to slip the top knot. She grabbed his wrists and dragged his hands down her body.

“Touch me, Zephyr.”

He groaned and pulled back. “It was too fast before. I didn’t get to enjoy touching you. Oh sweet mercy, Sunshine, you’re gorgeous.” His gaze fixated on her breasts and she arched her back slightly to make sure he got the best possible view. His hand cupped her, lifted her. He slid his thumbs over her nipples like a whisper and they pebbled into tight peaks.

Their bodies molded together at the hips, his rigid length pressing into her belly. She shifted slightly, rubbing against him and Zephyr sucked in air.

“I thought we were going slow, sweetheart? If you do that again I might forget, and as much as I want you, I want to taste you first. I want to see if those rosy nipples are as sweet as the berries they look like.”

He rolled her nipples between his fingers. Heat flashed to her core, boiling her blood and yet causing icy tingles to race up her neck at the same time. His head dropped and he lapped at her skin, nipping at her shoulder, her collarbone. Licking a line to the top of her right breast. Zephyr sucked lightly to pull her skin against his mouth. He nipped the spot, kissing away the snap of pain that resulted. The lingering aftereffect was nothing but pleasure.

Then he blew.

His breath, warm and solid, brushed over the line of moisture he’d left behind as he descended and rays of heat shot over her breast. Pleasure mounted in her pussy, tight hard jolts of pleasure tweaked at her again and again as he slipped his attack farther down, farther toward her straining nipple.

He touched her. A soft lap. Sunshine closed her eyes and rocked at the sensations rippling through her body. He pulled the tip into his mouth and suckled. Another jolt followed and her knees beginning to shake. His arm came up, slipped around her waist to support her before she collapsed against him. His teeth closed on the very tip and he paused.

Sunshine held her breath. What was he waiting for? Her breast throbbed with the need for more of his touch. She locked her fingers tighter in his hair and pulled at him, wanting to crush him to her breast.

He resisted and kept his distance. Just the right distance to be able to touch her at his own pace.

He lapped.

He sucked.

He lapped.

Sunshine cried out, her complaint unpronounceable. He was a bastard in twenty different languages and if he didn’t give her what she needed—

He sucked.


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13 years ago

Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

I can’t wait until this is release. 😉

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
13 years ago

Me too!


Now I have to figure out which other fables I want to ‘update’.

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