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Great news to share- Book Two in the Turner Twins will be coming in 2011 from Samhain Publishing. That’s right, look for Turn It Up, most likely in February.


This is something to celebrate for many reasons. One, I’m loving writing Maxwell and Natasha’s story–this is kind of a prequel, since we know they are together already in Maxine’s book, Turn It On. But even more exciting is that this will be my 10th book with Samhain, and with my awesome editor, Anne Scott.

She really has made working with Samhain a treat. And the things I’ve learned from her? WOW. She’s a grammar goddess, but it’s the plot holes she points out (and makes me fill!) that really make the stories shine. I’m so happy to be heading into another year with her guiding me.

So for fun, here’s a little sneaky tidbit. Unedited, but oh man, I love these two together!

“What did I tell you?” Natasha blurted out. Oh, that was controlled and dignified. Not. He raised a brow and grinned wider and she bit back a smart comment. “I mean, tell me what happened last night, please.”

Max crossed his ankles and placed his elbows on the armrests, looking entirely too relaxed and comfortable. He wasn’t suffering at all, not nearly as much as she was.

“You explained to me how stupid men were, and I had to agree, since you were discussing the idiots you’ve dated over the past couple years. Then you informed me this being the modern world there was no reason for you to try to find a Prince Charming anymore.” He made little quote-unquote motions with his fingers, his dark eyes fixed on hers as he spoke. “I agreed with you on that one as well, in case you’re interested.”

“I thought you liked to argue with me.”

“Only when you’re wrong. Most of your revelations last night were amazingly accurate.”

She dragged the second lawn chair farther from him and collapsed into it. “Last night… Umm, what else did I say? Or do? Because I was too drunk for you to think I was serious. It must have been the alcohol talking.”

He tapped his fingers together as he considered. “No, the alcohol influenced bit came when you stripped off your clothes right after we walked in the door.”

Dear lord, no. “You’re kidding me.”

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Lisa Freeman
Lisa Freeman
10 years ago

Yea, that’s great news, for you and for us! And I loved the teenie tiny snippet you shared – just enough to make us want more!

10 years ago

Congrats on the great news!!! :D

10 years ago

Congrats, Vivian.

Maria D.
Maria D.
10 years ago

Congratulations ! Also loved the little unedited snippet! :)

Violet Hilton
10 years ago

Congrats, Viv! This is awesome news :D And happy 10th with Samhain too :)

Kathy B
Kathy B
10 years ago

Congratulations, Viv! Like there was ever any doubt they’d accept it, silly girl! HUGS!

10 years ago

I can’t wait for this one!

Natasha A.
10 years ago


I can’t wait to read it! :D
AND not just because of my namesake :D

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