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Snippet Saturday-Water, water, everywhere

Well, I just had a book release with a water shifter, but my excerpt today is from a contemporary hot tub scene. Watch out, this one is definitely NSFW.

Never venture out of bounds without a buddy–preferably two.

Xtreme Adventures, Book 1

Dara’s past four incredible years have been lived to the fullest. Along with her best friends, Kane and Jack, she’s left no local wilderness unexplored, no ski slope unchallenged. Yet lately she wonders why they’ve never seen her as more than a buddy with breasts. When—or if—either man will cross that unspoken line.

It’s a line Kane eyes harder every day. Since high school, he and Jack have shared everything. A condo, vacations—and their best girl. Kane’s ready to get serious about his wilderness school and outfitter business, and that includes putting down roots. Preferably with Dara.

Wary of the men who’ve recently been sniffing around Dara, Jack has a growing sense that he or Kane better make a move soon, or they’re going to lose out on their perfect match. Question is, who does she prefer…and who’s going to bring their easygoing trio to an end?

Overhearing the boys arguing over her, Dara’s floored—and torn. Choose between them? No way. Drastic measures are called for, a plan for their annual holiday getaway that will clarify her feelings once and for all—or lose everything in a sexual storm of whiteout proportions.

Warning: Old friends turned lovers can get into the most trouble—exhibitionism, bondage, spanking. Anal sex, oral sex, unauthorized use of ski safety harnesses, icicles in the hot tub…the author apologizes in advance for any melted monitors.


Jack opened the balcony door, gliding ahead to pull the cover off the hot tub. Kane cradled her, his fingers caressing and teasing her skin as he brought her to the side of the pool.

Dara clung to his neck as he lowered her in, drawing his mouth against hers. As their tongues tangled a sense of déjà vu washed over her. It felt so right, so proper to be in Kane’s arms. A splash splattered heated droplets on her back seconds before Jack pressed his lips to her neck and bit down lightly.

Having him there was just as proper as Kane.

They twisted her between them, raining kisses on her face. Kane slipped into the water to add his hands and body to the erotic teasing. Her mind fogged as pleasure built within her—the fires stoked higher and higher with every brush of their fingertips. Every caress of their lips. Kane raised her slightly, his fingers exploring and teasing her sex. The chilled winter air floated over her wet breasts and her nipples hardened, a second before Jack latched onto one and sucked the peak into the heat of his mouth.

Another drag of his tongue over the tip. Another circle around her clit by Kane. She teetered on edge, waiting for the moment her body would follow her mind—it was already gone, lost in the pleasures her men provided.

Kane teased a finger down the crease of her ass, pausing to circle her anus. When he dipped his fingertip into the nerve-sensitive area she let out a moan. Jack seemed to take that as an order to increase his assault and suckled harder, one hand cupping a breast, one slipping down to rub her slit. She leaned helplessly on Kane and let the wave break over her.

“That’s a girl. Let go, we’ve got you.” Kane whispered in her ear, his hands gentle, his tone caring. Tears sprang to her eyes in spite of the pleasure drenching her soul.

She panted to regain her equilibrium. It was suddenly too much, too intimate. The long hard length of Kane’s body behind her, the tender touch of Jack before her, the heated expression on his face as he ate her up with his gaze.

Dara struggled to her feet and pulled away from them to sit on the edge of the tub, fanning her face and blowing hard.

Kane grinned at her. “Getting a little overheated, are you?”

A nod was all she could answer. She stared at him, the cut muscles of his abdomen glistening in the faint lights reflecting from the hill. The moisture clinging to his skin defined each ridge, each slope, and she wanted to run her tongue along them, consume him in one sitting.

A sharp crack rang out and she snapped her head to the right. Jack stood on a deck chair, a gleaming icicle in his hand. He reached overhead and added another foot-long spear to his collection, then another. He spoke over his shoulder.

“I think we can do something about the heat, sweetheart.”

Oh God. The shiver racing over her skin had nothing to do with the temperature outside. She was so hot that melting with desire became a distinct possibility. Jack turned his brilliant smile on her as he climbed back into the hot tub, his collection of icy instruments of torture laid out in a row on the decking.

“Do you mind if I try one?” Kane reached past her to pick one up, the tip glistening with a droplet as the heat rising from the tub hit it.

“More than enough for us both, my good man.”

Dara laughed at Jack’s atrocious British accent. “You two are— Oh my…”

The words stuck in her throat. Kane slid the wet tip of his icicle down her torso with deliberate intent to drive her mad. He leaned over and sucked her nipple into his mouth, lashing it again and again with his tongue until it ached, fiery hot. When he stepped back and drew circles around the feverish tip, she thought the pleasure of it would set off an orgasm.

Ebook available: Samhain Amazon |Barnes & Noble | Sony

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Jen B.
Jen B.
10 years ago

This series is on my TBR list. I am trying to avoid reading snippets. Ugh, so tempting! I admit, I peeked a little :)

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