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Snippet Saturday- Milestone

When I first saw the theme for today–milestones–I have to admit rather than a scene in a book, the whole amazing adventure of becoming an author hit me. I submitted my first book in May of 2008. Wolf Signs was published in March of 2009. I saw my first print release, Under the Northern Lights, in 2010 and this month? My 15th ebook release with Samhain, my 23rd overall, hit the shelves.


So in honour of a big milestone, here’s an instant snippet tour through 15 books:


Keil’s voice in her mind was deep and dark. It sounded like rich chocolate and Robyn was so into chocolate.
Robyn in Wolf Signs

Joshua moved to stoke the fire higher, pull cushions to the floor and open the curtains to let the ocean witness their lovemaking. Joshua in Tidal Wave

“I want forever someday. I believe in true love and finding my other half. I know it’s romantic shit, but I still believe in it.” Tad in Wolf Flight

Ryan hid his own grin. Bring it on. This was the best thing to happen to him in days.
Ryan meeting Maxine for the first time in Turn It On

He stepped aside and she took the lead, her joy in her wolf trailing behind her like a bright rainbow.
Maggie in Wolf Games

Matt spoke against her lips, his voice shaking. Every word punctuated with a soft kiss. “You’re…driving…me…insane.” Matt in Stormchild

He snuck his hands around her torso and pressed their mouths together. A lazy, but thorough kiss that made her toes curl. Jamie kissing Chelsea in Whirlpool

“I think his wolf is more grown up. Matured a bit. If TJ is twenty-two, that means his wolf is…” She turned to face him and asked, “What are wolf years, seven like dogs?” Pam in Wolf Tracks

“Holy shit, Dara, one minute you strip in front of me, the next you suggest your two best friends get involved with you sexually? And then you have the balls to turn around and say forget it?” She snorted. “Yeah, me and my balls. I’ve got tons of those.” Kane & Dara in Falling, Freestyle

“Damn you for being a sex god, Maxwell Turner. Let’s do it.”
Natasha in Turn It Up

Silence surrounded them. A flash of recollection hit and her face heated. She’d ridden Matt like a bull in front of the entire clan. “Is everyone still here?” she whispered. Laurin in Stormy Seduction

As if the ocean had surrounded her, bathing her with limitless love.
Lovemaking in Silent Storm

Tying up a woman to get into her pants—it wouldn’t be the first time, but he only did that with willing partners.
Derrick planning a move in Rising, Freestyle

“Damn right. Life isn’t for sitting on a beach rotating like a chicken on a spit. It’s for grabbing hold of and experiencing everything you can.” Paige in Paradise Found

Shaun hung up, feeling slightly dirty. This following-the-rules thing wasn’t…normal.
Black Gold


Hope you enjoyed a slightly different run through the books. Here are some more lovely authors to share their own milestones with you. Enjoy touring the snippets!

Anne Rainey TJ Michaels Mari Carr McKenna Jeffries Myla Jackson Taige Crenshaw Lauren Dane Shelli Stevens TJ Michaels Jody Wallace Eliza Gayle Denise A. Agnew Beth-Ann Mason

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Brenda Hyde
8 years ago

That was so cool:) A Viv Montage!

Vivian Arend
Vivian Arend
8 years ago
Reply to  Brenda Hyde

Heheh! Such fun!

Sullivan McPig
Sullivan McPig
8 years ago

Here’s to lots more books! *cheers*

Vivian Arend
Vivian Arend
8 years ago
Reply to  Sullivan McPig

Thanks, Sully, it’s going to take longer for the next 15, but they are still coming!

JK Coi
8 years ago

WOW! Congratulations! Such a ride, isn’t it?
This is a great post and how cool to see snippets of 15 books like that at once :)

Vivian Arend
Vivian Arend
8 years ago
Reply to  JK Coi

The adventure continues to be an adventur. And you have no idea how many times I got distracted looking for lines — I’d start reading!

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