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Snippet Saturday- Let's kick some butt

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Every Saturday a group of authors, inspired by the talented Lauren Dane, post snippets of their books for you to sample. The theme this week is ‘kicking butt’. As you surf the links you’ll get a taste of some bad guys getting what’s coming to them.

My snippet is from Wolf Signs. The bad guys have shown up at the final moment in a sneak attack on the hero/heroine as they ski out from the wilderness.

Keil undid his clothes while hiding from the view of the trees behind Robyn’s body. A dangerous gleam was in his eyes and an impression of power rolled off him. They might be in a tough place, but Keil was not going to be as easy a target as the others imagined.

“Protect your throat. If they’re close enough to get at your throat, I want you to shove your arm into their mouth. They’ll still be able to snap it and it’ll hurt like hell, but your wolf can heal a busted arm. You can’t regrow your throat.

Robyn gaped at him. “Love you too, sweetheart. Man, you take your girl on the most romantic dates, don’t you? Any other advice for me, Cujo?”

Keil flashed a grin at her. “Just remember that kicking a wolf in the nuts hurts as much as it does a human.”

“Good to know, hon. So don’t piss me off anymore, okay? What do you expect me to do, other than stand around looking like dinner?”

His answering smile reassured her more than it should have with wolves about to streak across the snow to try to kill her. “I expect you to use your ski poles, your big knife and your tough-as-nails attitude, and kick some butt for me. Ready?

“You are sexy when you’re all tough. I guess if they think I’m TJ I shouldn’t lean over and plant a big one on your cheek right now, hmmm?”

Keil threw back his head and laughed. His arms reached out and while he kept his eyes on the tree line he kissed her thoroughly. “What a wonderful idea. Now they’re going to be worried about the sneak attack and freaking out watching us. Here they come. By the way, Robyn, I do love you.”

They drew a hands span apart. Robyn watched as Keil threw off his clothes and shifted to his wolf. His silver grey form raced toward the nearest of the wolves on the left. He flew across the snow and she cheered inside as she saw Keil’s huge body slam into the smaller wolf and bowl him over.

Then she couldn’t watch anymore as the wolves on the right closed in on her.

She turned and crouched, making sure that she had a firm grip on her knife. Her pack lay to the side and she made a mental note of its position to avoid tripping over it. Glancing back up toward the trees, she gasped.

“Damn it, you owe TJ an apology. They obviously think he’s tougher than you realized. There are three wolves coming at me.”

“I know. I’ve got three as well. Give me a second. Try and distract them.”

Robyn grit her teeth together. Distract them? “What, you want me to do a cancan dance or something?”

Fear and anger battled within Robyn. It was bad enough Keil was supposed to have to fight in the challenge this weekend. That at least was a time-honoured tradition and involved the values of fair play. This was nothing more than a sneak attack, cowardly and cheap.

She pulled the can of bear spray from her pocket where it had been stored since the start of the trip. One of the rules of the north was to never piss off anything you couldn’t reason with.

Robyn was really pissed off.

She waited until the first wolf was in range, then lunged toward him as she held her breath and coated the beast with pepper spray. A four-second burst was enough and he howled in pain, scratching at his eyes with his paws as he rolled away from the fight, burying his face in the snow.

Wolf Signs is available from Samhain Publishing

Come enjoy some more butt kicking.

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