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Snippet Saturday-Humorous

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If you’ve arrived looking for the second last day in the Cowboy Countdown Contest, slip down one post. You can read enroute if you want 😉

The theme is humorous snippets. The hard part is picking a place that’s…well, funny. I mean, there are teasing moments in most of my stories when people react to each other and the results are humorous, but so far I haven’t managed to write anything like Shelly Laurenston’s Here Kitty Kitty— I love that book. Seriously, I snickered through the whole thing and hubby finally kicked me out of bed.

Anyway, a scene that make me smile from Wolf Signs–brothers Keil and TJ have recently surprised the woman who will be Keil’s mate at a wilderness cabin, and at this point can’t understand why she doesn’t seem to understand about wolves or mates…


Grabbing clean clothes, the brothers made their way to the sauna. Thirty seconds after closing the door, Keil realized the sauna was a bad idea. Robyn’s scent hung heavy in the closed space, sweet and spicy, filling his head with thoughts that were better not imagined while sitting naked in a small space with his brother.

“You know, she smells good.”

Keil growled at TJ. “Shut it, pup.”

“Well, she does. But, Keil, she smells good like ‘Hey, Robyn, can you help me with this?’ and not ‘Hey, baby, can you help me? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.’ Know what I mean?”

“Please, spare me the Monty Python imitations.”

TJ flicked some snow at his brother. “I’m trying to tell you something serious and you accuse me of imitating MP? I’m cut to the quick. For serious discussion I imitate political personalities. You know that.”

Keil lay back on the bench and tried to ignore his younger brother. TJ was the most irritating, the most annoying…and the most observant person he knew. Leaning up on one elbow, he opened his eyes and cursed.

“Fine. Explain it. What are you trying to tell me and use small words. It’s late and it’s been a hell of a day.”

TJ dropped to the lower bench and grabbed the cedar edging in front of him. “She smells good like I want to trust her and take care of her and I know she’ll take care of me. She obviously affects you differently.”

“Oh. How is that?”

TJ snorted as he pointed. “You’ve got wood from the smell of her left in a sauna, bro. You’ve got it bad and I bet she is your mate because you haven’t even given her a proper sniff yet. I knew you were ready to be Alpha!”

Keil let his head flop back on the hard bench. TJ’s leaps of logic were over the top. How he got from the fact Keil had a hard-on that could pound nails to making him Alpha was incredible.

“TJ, enough. Can we let this drop for tonight? The problem will still be there in the morning.”
TJ’s laugh was long and loud, and finally Keil joined in.

“Okay, bad choice of words. Don’t point it out.” Another howl went up from TJ and Keil gave up. He picked up the bucket of cool water and poured it over himself. He raised the other bucket.

“Want a rinse?”

When TJ nodded, Keil gave an evil grin and poured the contents of the half-snow-filled bucket over his brother’s head. The icy-cold water streamed down and TJ’s scream echoed in the small space.

Now Keil was ready for bed.

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Valerie T.
Valerie T.
12 years ago

TJ is too funny. Can't wait for his story – once he grows up!



12 years ago

Great Snippet!!

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