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Snippet Saturday- Arrivals


From Wolf Flight, Missy’s arrival back in the north, seeking help.


Missy took a deep breath, looking around the small airfield with interest while she let the butterflies settle. Her journey over the past months had led her in a full circle, returning her to old stomping grounds. She’d grown up in Whitehorse, lived in the north until she was sixteen. How strange the solution to the horror hanging over her head might be found here.

She stared at the doors to the shop.

Ten years.

Ten years since she’d seen Tad, one of the most intriguing boys she’d ever met. He’d been a grade above her in high school and she’d liked him intensely, even though her father had insisted half-blood Tad be avoided and not informed of his wolf heritage. Missy had reluctantly followed her father’s rules and never let herself be alone with Tad. Never accepted any of his hesitant physical advances beyond public hugs and cuddles during movie marathons. Only participated in group activities.

Something had always felt missing. She’d longed for more.

Slipping in the door, Missy took in the neat and tidy waiting area, the newspaper clippings taped to the wall. She moved closer to examine the articles about Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, providers of “custom sightseeing flights, fishing charters and all-round you want to get lost in the wilderness, we’ll get you there services”. Pictures accompanying the articles showed the helicopter she’d seen outside and a small plane outfitted with skis or water floats.

A brightly coloured strip of paper caught her eye and she bent to examine it.

A metallic clang hit the floor behind her, and she spun around to see a tall, wiry hunk staring with lust in his eyes. Confusion clouded the dark orbs for a moment before recognition hit.


Her heart leapt. His tone of voice made her very glad she’d decided to deal with her problem by seeking him out.

She beamed at him. “Hello, Tad.” She tilted her head toward the articles. “You told me business was going well but you didn’t say how well. Glowing reports from what I see here.”

She held out her hand, and when he clasped it, she tucked herself under his arm and hugged him tightly, his body cradling hers carefully. She took a cautious sniff as she held him. His scent was familiar yet somehow his wolf was muted, which was curious. She didn’t smell any females on him and that was a good thing.

A very good thing, considering what she had in mind.


Wolf Flight available from Samhain Publishing.

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