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Excellent read- Love's Alchemy


She holds the key to unlock his past—or unleash hell.

I have to stop. The cover is perfect. His eyes are perfect. Just let me sit here for a while and contemplate the perfection of this cover before I tell you why the book under the cover is worth checking out.

Okay now that I can concentrate again…

I met the author, Ciar, just over a year ago when I started my ebook adventure. I was devouring every paranormal story I could get my hands on, and found Ciar wrote a fascinating twist of real life mixed with historically based mythology that intrigued me. Mayan Nights and Mayan Secrets satisfied my need for suspense, excitement and heat. How can you go wrong with a book with a warning about ‘hot naked archaeologists doing the Mayan horizontal mambo’?

Ciar’s also written fantasy, and fairy tale fantasy–The Prince’s Bride was a lot of fun–and I thoroughly enjoyed her sense of humour. So I was excited when I saw Love’s Alchemy on the coming soon pages. Perhaps it was the word Alchemy, or just the heartstopping way that cover hints at so many possiblities.

Wow. I bought the book and intended on setting it aside for a reward when I finished my tasks of the day. Thanks to Ciar, supper was hastily throw together at the last minute and I pointedly ignored the questions about clean socks and other laundry. I only meant to pop into the story for a minute, to see which direction she was going to lead…and got totally hooked.

The contrasts are strong. The thrill of discovery in 1668, the heat of the forge and the combination of science and faith leads quickly into the modern world with the tease of internet relationships, electrical connections and fate. Ciar is a strong writer, so not once did the craft of the story get in the way of the story itself. Instead I got to dive completely into the adventure. There’s emotional strings being tugged, sensual teasing and outright heat. I’ve thought about the book many times since finishing it, each time spotting more layers in the plot. I loved it.

I’m going to admit I’ve been disappointed lately by a few favorite authors who seem to be writing stories to get to the sex scenes and don’t seem to care much if there really is a story around the bedroom scenes. This book is fascinating on all levels because it has it all–a great story, excellent characters I grow to care about, twists in the plot and heat. I’m going to reread the whole thing again and again with great pleasure.

Ciar, thanks for this one. Really.


Sidra Patmos has the ability to see the real underbelly of lower Manhattan—a horrifying world where wraiths, demons and a few quirky mortals battle for supremacy. Desperate, she seeks out a paranormal researcher to tell her why her life is a waking nightmare.

Instead of answers, her meeting with the dark and irresistible Van Barlowe unleashes a chain of events far more dangerous than her blackest visions. And a desire she can barely manage to hold at arm’s length.

After three desperate centuries, Van has finally found the Alchemist—Sidra. Somewhere locked deep inside her lies the knowledge that will rescue his family from ruin. The only way to reawaken her abilities is to hold his enemies at bay long enough to convince her to step through the mists of time.

Redemption waits there, and a timeless bond ignited by the undeniable pull between them. The missing ingredient: Sidra’s willingness to risk that Van’s attraction runs deeper than sexual chemistry…

This book has been previously published.

This book is not work safe! Reading about sexy immortal heroes and feisty demon hunters getting it on can minimize productivity, increase daydreaming and lead to frustration eating.

Love’s Alchemy is available from Samhain Publishing

Ciar’s Website

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Ciar Cullen

Man, you had me at excellent. I don’t know how to thank you for your kind words. xoxo

Yvette Davis

Okay, you have me interested! And the cover is very nice. I agree!

Maggie Johnson
Maggie Johnson

This sounds very good and intrigs me.Cover is beautiful.I so aggree.

Sherry Strode
Sherry Strode

The books of Ciar’s that I’ve read I have really liked and her new one sounds like it will be another good book. I love the cover.

stacey smith
stacey smith

Wow sounds like a great read.adding it to the books to get some day list.

stacey smith
stacey smith

Hay Forgot to Tell you that the Cover is HotHot!

jennifer mathis
jennifer mathis

the cover is hot and the blurb is interesting i’m so in

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