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Snippet Saturday-shopping

Oh man, the themes lately are killing me. Shopping? I’m not a girly-girl, by ANY stretch of the imagination. Shopping makes me crazy, and so the likelihood of any of my characters willingly going shopping?

Oh boy.

Then it hit me. Of course they shop. Everyone, even a down-to-earth, consistent tomboy needs to eat! Snippet from Rocky Mountain Heat.


Enough. Carol could rant for hours and Jaxi’s time was fading away. She handed over the cash for the bill. “Trust me. Games all night and a popcorn fight when Mr. C. lost his last penny. The man is a hoot–he cheats at cards like a shark and then distracts everyone. I don’t know where Leo was but I doubt he was anywhere near any jailbait. He loves you, girl. Just call him and ask him. Go out on Saturday. Have fun.”

Carol slipped from behind the counter to hug her and Jaxi squeezed her briefly before whirling around to exit the store as quickly as possible. She’d arranged for Marion to have coffee with a couple of the ladies from the church. They’d return to the house far too soon. The clock ticking fast, Jaxi shoved the cart outside and looked around for the truck.

“You need a hand, Jaxi?” Jesse’s sexy drawl was nice, but it simply didn’t create the same chills big brother Blake’s rougher tones conjured. He pushed off the wall, his bright gaze trailing over her with admiration as he sauntered closer.

“Are you my ride? I want to beat your mom home.”

Jesse shook his head sadly, his arms reaching around her into the cart to pull out a bag of M-and-M’s. “Sorry, I’m meeting Joel to buy some supplies for the workshop. You’re making Blake’s favorite cookies this afternoon, aren’t you? I like peanut butter better.”

He lingered in her personal space, opening the bag and offering her a candy. Jaxi let a sigh loose from deep within her. He was incorrigible. “You want to move it or lose it? I’m not interested, Jesse, I told you before.”

His gaze continued to caress her body. “That was a long time ago, almost a whole week. Maybe I can change your mind. There’s no harm trying.”

Jaxi prodded her thumb into his chest, snickering at his hopeful expression. He was damn sweet but he wasn’t Blake. “There’s harm if I decide to lift my knee abruptly.”

Jesse danced backward and shook his finger in her face, his grin stretching from ear to ear. “You don’t play fair.”

She raised a brow at him. “Nope, I don’t. I play to win. Remember that.”


Rocky Mountain Heat available from Liquid Silver Books


For you shopaholics–I’m sure one of these fine authors will have a REAL shopping experience for you.

Lissa Matthews, Ashley Ladd, McKenna Jeffries, Taige Crenshaw, Jody Wallace, Eliza Gayle,  Mari Carr, Lauren Dane, Shelley Munro, TJ Michaels

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