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Snippet Saturday

We’re back to dialogue. I picked a scene from Rocky Mountain Heat that while there’s a little action, the main point of the story is definitely carried in the dialogue. I could totally see this scene while I wrote it, BTW. For anyone’s who’s ever hung out in the back of barn and listened to people fooling around. (I can’t be the ONLY person!)


Jaxi and Travis were necking in the tack room and from the sounds of it, things were getting hot and heavy. He didn’t deliberately step closer to eavesdrop.

Hell, yes, he did. He didn’t trust Travis as far as he could throw him.

The kissing and the rustling noises built his curiosity to a peak before Jaxi muttered ‘uh-uh, cool it’ and someone knocked something over.

“Oh, damn, Jaxi, you’re killing me here. I need you. I really need you, baby.”

Jaxi snorted. “I’m not stupid, Travis. You won’t die if we don’t have sex. Get over it already. I’m not willing–”

“You don’t love me.”

“Damn right, I don’t. You don’t love me either. We’re friends, that’s all.”

You tell him, girl. Blake snuck to the far end of the hall where he could still hear but remained hidden in case either of them decided to bust out of the room without warning.

“You like it when I touch you, you know I get your motor running. It’s another thing I can do to make you feel real good. Make us both feel real good. Come on, sweetheart, it’ll be special.”

“In a barn? Travis Coleman, you may be considered the hottest thing around by the rest of the girls in town but you need a little work on your romancing.”

The sound of creaking floorboards warned Blake to fade back into the corner more.

“Don’t leave me hurting here, sweetheart. Come on back and help me a little. You know I like it when you touch me.”

The door squeaked as she opened it. “Travis, I was enjoying myself, but you pushing it every time we fool around kills the mood. I’ve told you I’m not having sex. Not with you or anyone until I’m older, no matter what kinky games you like to play. It’s something special and I want to save it.”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Then why do you keep trying to convince me to go farther than I want?”

“Because I… Oh hell, Jaxi, are you going to help me here or what?”

The door slammed and Jaxi’s strong voice rang out. “Talk to the hand, Travis, talk to the hand.”


Rocky Mountain Heat is available from Liquid Silver Books


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