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Monday, Monday

Wow, this is nice. **looks around at shiny bright website**

I don’t know about you but I used to go through spurts as a teen where I would want to rearrange my room. I’d take everything off the floor and put it on the bed and then rearrange and organize and…okay, so OCD is a long running occurrence for me. But there is something special about  a new start.

That’s what this feels like. A clean new start.

This past weekend I got out with a friend for a writer’s retreat. I polished one manuscript so it’s ready to submit, worked on adding words to another. We found time to go to a wine tasting and I went for a run and…relaxed. And through it all I counted my blessings.

Because it hasn’t been that long ago  I started writing, and so much as  happened, and I’ve learned so much and experienced so much. It’s not all been wonderful, but 99.9 percent has been.

And I’m grateful.

So as we new start here, I hope you enjoy the trip with me. Are you starting anything new? Longing to try something different? I’m planning on continuing my running and getting back into shape in the hopes that by the time my birthday rolls around in March I’m leaner and healthier…

And a few thousand words farther down the road. 🙂

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