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SIx Pack Ranch Update

It’s time for the update on what’s happening with those hot and naughty Coleman boys. Rocky Mountain Heat was my first attempt at writing a contemporary, and again I placed the story in familiar setting for me–small town, rural Alberta. A big family with a love for the land and lots of potential for mischief.

Like all grand adventures, I set off in one direction, and after careful consideration I’m taking a turn in the road to make sure I get where I need to go.

I’m pleased to announce that the Six Pack Ranch will be moving lock, stock and barrel, over to Samhain Publishing. The first book is currently off the market, and book two will be off shortly after the New Year. I’ll be expanding both these books to full novel length and re-releasing them beginning with Rocky Mountain Heat November 15, 2011. Book 2, Rocky Mountain Haven, is tentatively scheduled for Jan/Feb 2012, and a brand new book 3, Rocky Mountain Hope,  March/April.

There are a lot of positives that will come from this change. Longer stories, books that will go to print approximately 10 months after ebook release. A chance to work with my editor at Samhain, who is a rock star.

I’m very happy with my relationship with Samhain Publishing and feel that their level of professionalism in the current book market puts them in a truly unique situation. Five years ago when they opened their doors they were a quality digital first provider. Now they have gained the reputation for not only developing and supporting their authors, and producing excellent ebooks and print books, they do it in a way that rivals traditional publishers struggling in the face of change.

Getting to bring the Colemans and the Six Pack Ranch stories to you starting in late 2011 under the Samhain Publishing label is a good direction change in the road. I hope you’ll share the information with others who enjoy my contemporary works, and look forward to the new beginnings.

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Erotic Horizon
9 years ago

As a fan of the Coleman boys I am sad to know I have to wait another year to get a taste of them again – but I am chuff you found a publisher that has the right mix for you…

Congrats on reaching that place – some author never do….

Have already pencilled some tentative dates in to my calendar..


Leah Braemel
9 years ago

Congratulations, Viv! You got some gorgeous placeholder covers going even if they’re not the final products. I’m so thrilled for you that these will make it to print. (You know how I love cowboy stories ;) )

9 years ago

I can’t wait. I keep telling myself it is only a year.

9 years ago

I cannot wait!!!! I bought both RM Heat and Haven right before amazon stopped selling them for kindle…and I am impatiently waiting for the new shinier versions and RM Hope =)

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