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Sherlock Holmes

I’m a geek. Did I mention that already? Hmm, I’m sure I did at some point. I’ve read the Sherlock Holmes stories. In fact, I read out loud a big old hard cover copy to my children as we floated down the Yukon Rover back in 2006. Reading the Redheaded League as the Peel River sends you twirling in a back-eddy is a very cool combination.

But I digress.

Cool stuff:

•Loved the slow-mo advance mental calcualtions they used to show just how radically Holmes mind worked–plan in minute detail, proceed. Like seeing the speed of light reduced to a full minute.

•Love that they included the only woman who ever brought him to his knees.

•Fabulous use of cinematography/effects in re-creating old London during the building of the bridge.

Not so cool:

•Okay, this totally might be me, but I had the devil of a time hearing. The characters all spoke SO fast–which I agree with in Holmes–but I’m not sure if it’s the tone of the voices or what, but I spent at least 50% of the movie with one hand cupped to an ear, and another 25% thinking ‘what did they say?’

Best part?

It’s the type of movie that I think you could watch more than once just to be able to SEE all the details they put in there. Everything, and the kitchen sink.

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Natasha A.
10 years ago

Guess what I am watching right now? Again, for the many-th time! :D I love this movie!!

10 years ago

This one is in my “get the DVD as soon as you can” list.

stacey smith
stacey smith
10 years ago

So much want to watch that movie.just do not have the money to go watch it or buy it. some day i’m going to get around to it.

Amy Kathryn
Amy Kathryn
10 years ago

I have gotten in the habit recently of putting the English subtitles on for movies, especially ones that have characters with accents. I don’t really notice them anymore unless I need them…then I do a quick rewind and read the dialogue.

I have this movie coming from Netflix as soon as they release it.

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