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Heading for a cowboy Round Up

First the good news. Rocky Mountain Haven is releasing in less than week. :bug eyes: Yup- April 19th (usually around 4 Pacific)

Now the great news. We’re having another party!! Yes, we’re going to test out the claim that I’ve now got unlimited bandwidth. What a great reason to have some fun. (Oh, not to be pessimistic, but if something -does- happen, I’ll move things over to the old site. Just google for Vivian Arend blogspot. )

Now this time , things are going to work a little differently. I’m calling YOU to help me spread the word about Daniel and Beth. Here’s the deal:

From Tuesday, April 20th until Friday, April 23, I’m looking for bloggers / reviewers / and people ‘who know people’ to share the word. Post the cover/ blurb/ link to my website/ link to RMHaven on your site, and you’ll be entered to win the ‘Bloggers Prize’. Doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? Let’s make it even more fun.

Let me know which day-Tuesday through Friday—you’re posting the news. I’ll add a link from MY website to yours that day to help lead readers your direction. Facebook counts-etc etc.

Don’t have a blog or personal site to post the news?  That’s okay—I’ve still got something special planned for you. Drop by my website starting Monday and you can enter your name as a reader for a special ‘red-hot’ prize.

Contests will be open all week and awarded on Saturday, April 24th. I hope you can join me in passing on the news. You can grab the cover and blurb from the book page, and I will post the buy link here on my blog as soon as the link goes live on Monday.

Thanks for listening, and specific details follow. If you have questions, let me know.


Bloggers Prize and instructions

1. Schedule to post the blurb/ cover/ link to my website/ buy link to Rocky Mountain Haven.

2. Email vivarend @ with the day you are posting. Include your blog url and banner/blog icon if you have one for me to post. Please try to get this to me asap, so I can add your info to MY blog. (I’ll stop taking links for Tuesday by Monday noon…etc)

That enters you in the prize draw = 5 points.

For additional entries:

3. Tell a friend about the Round Up, and if they send me their entry email (#2) and include your name as a ‘reference’ = 5 points for each of you

4. Use a second site? = 5 points

5. Twitter about the book- include @VivianArend in your tweet =1 point/day/ Monday-Friday

Bonus prize!! Include a picture of a red-hot cowboy on your site when you post #1, and I’ll enter you into the ‘Red-Hot Blogger’ prize. Super Sekrit, but flaming hot. :D

Blogger Prizes: Each point = an entry

1st prize= your choice of any two books in my backlist, print copy Lora Leigh’s Maverick, and $10 gift certificate at MB&M.

2nd prize= your choice of any two of my back list, print copy of Lora’s Leigh’s Dangerous Games, $5 gift certificate at MB&M.

3rd prize= your choice of any two of my backlist.

(If you have all my backlist–trust me– I can find something to sweeten the pot)

Fine print:

1. One prize per/person

2. You can live anywhere.

3. If you post a picture for the bonus prize, make sure he’s good looking.

4. Excessive use of rope and spurs is encouraged.

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10 years ago

This should be tons of fun. I’m gonna have to find the perfect Cowboy Muse to celebrate with :) I’ll be doing all I can to spread the love!

Vivian Arend
10 years ago
Reply to  Booklover1335

Cowboy muses are gooooood. I can’t wait to see!

Natasha A.
10 years ago

Oh…This will be fun!! :D

Vivian Arend
10 years ago
Reply to  Natasha A.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyones places. **nods** Its not for the eye candy or anything.


Kathy B
Kathy B
10 years ago

So glad to hear the release date is just around the corner! I cannot wait for the book to come out! Congrats, Viv!

Vivian Arend
10 years ago
Reply to  Kathy B

Thanks, Kathy. I know you have been waiting patiently. I hope you enjoy it!

Andrea Becraft
10 years ago

This is going to be fun! I need to find a sexy cowboy! HMMMMMM! Where to look lol!

10 years ago

Not quite an entry, but helping spread the word (see here)

Marian Perera
10 years ago

I like the cover! I’ll add it to my blog with a link tomorrow.

Marian Perera
10 years ago
Reply to  Vivian Arend

I’d appreciate that. :) Every bit of promotion helps.

Here’s a link where I discuss covers a bit and include a picture of yours.

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