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Rocky Mountain Home Release

Today is the release of ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME. Jesse is finally coming home.



Jesse rose with her, and the nurse looked puzzled for a moment before her face lit with understanding. “Oh, you can stay there. I’m just weighing her.”

Dare pointed a finger at Jesse and back at the seat. “Sit.”

He grinned. “I already know how much you weigh.”

Her eyes narrowed. “Stay.”

An idea popped into his head that was too good to resist. Besides, from the looks of things, she needed the distraction. Jesse pulled out his wallet and found a piece of scrap paper before settling in place, jotting down a number and leaving the folded note on her seat. He crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair, eyes closed.

She was back in under thirty seconds.

He waited.

Something bumped softly into his biceps, and he peeked one eye open to discover Dare’s face inches away.

She fluttered the paper scrap. “Ha, ha. Funny man. How’d you do that?”

“Was I right?”

Dare narrowed her gaze. “Plus or minus five pounds. Do you have a side gig at the Stampede fairgrounds guessing people’s weights?”

“Nope, but I’ve picked you up more than once.” He let his grin widen as he thought back to one of those times, holding her against the wall as they screwed themselves silly.

His dirty thoughts must have shown because her cheeks darkened. “Stop it. Answer the question.”

“I did. I picked you up. I pick up animals all the time, and it’s easy to estimate weight after you’ve—”

He stopped. Maybe continuing with —after you’ve hauled a few heifers around wasn’t the right thing to say to a woman he hoped to get into bed with again in the near future.

Dare raised a brow, goading him to continue.

“—after you’ve gained enough experience.” Jesse pointed behind her. “The nurse is waving at you.”



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