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Rocky Mountain Heat Excerpt

Rocky Mountain Heat 2008 Vivian Arend

He looked at Jaxi again, lying in his lap so innocently. He was such an ass. Even while he wanted to break his brother’s head for trying to touch her, he had to force himself to stop from reaching to see if her skin was as soft as it looked.

She moaned and her limbs jerked, arms flailing. She struck the dash with one hand, the wheel with the other.

“Whoa, Jaxi, take it easy, hon.” He laid a restraining hand on her shoulder.


“No, Slick, it’s Blake. Remember?”

Jaxi rolled over to stare at him. Her eyes were glazed and she seemed to focus on something beyond his head. Her face flushed hotter and anger flared across her face.

“Damn it, Travis, I told you I wouldn’t give you head while you drive. Pull over right now.”

Holy shit!

“Jaxi, it’s Blake… you’re sick, hon—”

“Pull the truck over now, you son of a bitch.” She forced herself to a sitting position, body weaving from side to side. “I swear, Travis Coleman, you’re going to be the death of me. Stop now or I’ll tell him.”

Tell who? Tell what?

She was yelling at him now, smacking her fists into his arm. She wasn’t hitting him hard enough to cause any pain but she was knocking herself around. Blake grabbed her with one hand, pinned her arms against him, and steered the truck and trailer off to the side of the road as quickly as possible.

“Jaxi, you’ve got to relax. It’s not Travis, it’s Blake. Ah, damn it, Slick, you are one sick little girl.”

“Yeah, well, you’re pretty sick yourself. You want to break up with me but you want one final farewell, is that it? Fine by me.”

Hell, she must have heard Travis back at the fairgrounds. Now what did he do? Try to calm her down or let Travis drown in the hole he’d dug for himself?

She threw her leg across his lap like she was jumping on a calf in the roping contest.

“This is it. You hear me? As of tomorrow we’re not a couple anymore and you can go fuck whoever you want without me around as a decoy. I’ve had enough of the pretending.” While she spoke her hands slipped the buckle on his belt in one smooth motion and Blake jerked. He scrambled for her wrists, trying to catch her, trying to stop her as she dragged down his zipper and dipped her hands into his jeans.

They were pinned between the back of the bench and the steering wheel. It was the only reason she got her fingers into the fly of his boxer briefs where, against his will, his erection rose to meet her.

He wasn’t getting excited because it was Jaxi, just because it was a female wrapping her fingers around his thickening girth and pulling him free into the warm afternoon air. That’s what he tried to tell himself. It wasn’t because this was Jaxi and Blake had dreamed of this for longer than he wanted to admit.

No, it was strictly an automatic male reaction. He wasn’t the kind of asshole to sit and let his brother’s feverish, soon to be ex-girlfriend give him a hand job at the side of the road. He wasn’t such a jerk he’d actually try to justify letting her keep touching him for a couple more seconds because it was the best thing he’d ever felt in his life, her soft hands running up and down the length of his now fully engaged cock.

And then he realized he didn’t quite know how to stop her. He didn’t want to talk and have her suddenly become aware of what she was doing to him, Blake, and not Travis as she imagined. He couldn’t reach to open the door and every time he tried to grab her wrists she swore and jerked harder, sending jolts of fire up his already sensitized nerve-endings. Stopping her that way might have a permanent impact on his ability to ever have sex again.

He was going to burn in hell forever for this one.

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12 years ago

WOW!!! That’s a great excerpt Viv!

Write faster! I would love to see this published and available.


11 years ago

Wowza, can't wait to read this book!!

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

Thanks Kathy!

I'm looking forward to release day as well.

11 years ago

Viv that is a hot story! When will it be out? Write faster!


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