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Getting feedback

I think I’m finally starting to find some people to be readers for my work.

Finally… that sounds so huge and long and lonely! I’ve only been writing since Nov 07, writing stories to try and publish since May 08. But the first thing I submitted I don’t think I got any feedback before I submitted it.

Of course when you do get people to read your work you then have to take feedback. Luckily the feedback’s been positive so far, but since I
A) can’t spell and
B)write really fast and
C) I’m a three finger typist,
I know I’ve got weird and wonderful boo-boos all lined up for exploring.

I have noticed that my writing is improving. At least, I think it’s improving. Re-reading parts of my sold story I’m already going ‘ouch, I should have…’ Now I have to figure out how to maintain the same kind of voice for any stories in the series and still let my writing mature.

So the point of this ramble is that I’ve started a checklist of things to review as I write but more for after when I edit.
Looking for ‘ing’ and ‘as’ and, in this last story ‘had’. (I never knew it was possible to include so many ‘had’s. Ghastly!!)

So thank you to my readers who are teaching me along the way. I’m glad the stories are entertaining you while you work!

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