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Oh the things that you'll see...

Over the years I’ve been very fortunate to travel/adventure into the wilderness: hiking, canoeing, driving…


Harbour at Valdez

In 2005 we moved to the Yukon for a few years, and while my hubby was working crazy hours to get his job together, I took the kids and we went camping in Alaska. We traveled to Valdez, took the ferry to the Kenai Peninsula, then drove back through Anchorage to Whitehorse. With two kids under 12 and a dog. During the rainy season. 😀

There were many exciting moments on the trip, some good, some bad. A good highlight–my son caught a 12 pound salmon on 2 pound fishing line.

A bad/good moment? The night I woke at 3 am, terrified. We had pulled into a campground around 5pm, and I was surprised to find it totally empty. Out of the possible 40 spots to stay, we were the only people there. The campground being empty was weird enough, but then for some reason I woke up, heart pounding, this horrible taste in my mouth. I packed up the camper in the pitch black, manhandled the kids into the truck and drove for two hours. I finally found a pullout on the side of the road that had another camper (that screamed ‘nice safe retired gramma and grampa’) already parked there. Pulled over and slept for a few more hours.

The news later that day on the radio talked about some escaped convicts who were recaptured in the area of the campground.


Off the coast of the Kenai Penisula


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9 years ago

Scary… somebody warning you of danger??? Glad things turned out well.

Sullivan McPig
Sullivan McPig
9 years ago

Egh….. that’s a creepy story.

9 years ago

That gives me the chills Viv! So glad you listened to your instincts and got out of there.

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