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New Release! Love is a Battlefield

The second book in the DreamMakers series, LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD, is now available.



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He’s ready to admit she’s all grown up…

After two tours of duty, former Army Ranger Jack Hunter is back in the US, working to keep DreamMakers a brilliant success. Now that his best friend’s little sister is home from college, it’s time to retire his hands-off policy and take action. He wants Pepper Wilson in his bed, but seducing the feisty redhead could be dangerous for more than one reason.

She’s ready to push all his buttons…

Pepper is tired of being bossed around by everyone in her life, especially arrogant, annoying, overbearing Jack Hunter. While she can’t deny the man is out-of-this-world gorgeous, his alpha routine is getting old. His steely determination proves a match for her own, though, and the attraction simmering between them ignites into fiery passion.

But can their wild sexual exploration turn into more without someone getting burned?



He hurried after Pepper before any of the women could get another word in, catching up to her just as she reached the wooden gazebo on the other side of the spacious backyard.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Jackjack. What do you want?”
He slid his hands into the pockets of his faded jeans. “Jeez, you’re so damn snippy today.” A smirk formed on his lips. “Let me guess, it’s because your boy Billy isn’t lighting your fire, huh? His kissing skills are—what did you call them? Decent.”
Green eyes glared daggers at him. “I knew you were eavesdropping on us. Congratulations. I now have another item to add to my Why Jack is Mega-Annoying list.”
Then she spun around and climbed the steps into the gazebo, effectively dismissing him.
Jack followed her right inside.
“Seriously, would you just go away?” Pepper grumbled. “I want to check my messages.”
He leaned against one of the wooden posts of the covered structure. “Then check your messages. I’ll wait. I have something I wanted to run by you.”
Rather than look intrigued, she scowled at him again. “Why don’t you go run something by Kendra instead?”
His brows instantly furrowed. “Why would I do that?”
Pepper’s jaw went tight. “We’ve already verified that you were listening to us talk, which means you know she thinks you’re hot, and I saw you checking her out, so…” She shrugged, an action that was incongruous with her impossibly stiff shoulders. “So go make a love connection with her and give me some privacy.”
Several seconds ticked by as Jack made a startling, wonderful, delightful realization.
Pepper was jealous.
Hell yeah. Clearly he wasn’t the only one who’d been affected by her calculated teasing during her stay at his place. Unless he was misinterpreting…but finding out wouldn’t be too difficult.
He took a step closer, deciding to test the waters. “You know me, Candy Cane, I’m not too interested in love connections. Sex connections, on the other hand…”
Jack let the comment hang, hiding a smile when he saw the unmistakable gleam of heat in her eyes.
Oh hell yeah.
But of course, Pepper remained stubborn to the core. “Then have sex with her,” she said flippantly. “I’m sure she’d enjoy it.”
“Trust me, she would.” He very deliberately licked his bottom lip, and enjoyed the way her breath hitched. “Man, there are so many ways I could make Kendal—Kendra feel good, you don’t even know.”
He expected Pepper to respond with a biting remark. Or maybe change the subject altogether.
What he didn’t expect was the note of challenge in her voice.
“Yeah? Like what, Jackjack?”
He erased a few more inches of distance, pausing when they were two feet apart. To anyone at the barbecue who glanced over at them, they looked like two people having a conversation. But Jack knew better. The electric bolts of heat moving back and forth from her body to his could have burned the gazebo to the ground.
“Hmmm. Not sure where I’d even start.” He slanted his head. “Do you think she’d like it if I went down on her?”
Pepper’s soft gasp echoed between them. “W-what?”
He played dumb. “Going down on her…you know…licking her pussy. Eating her out.”
The flush that bloomed on Pepper’s cheeks was so sexy his cock thickened behind his zipper. Holy fuck. Would her skin blush as deliciously pink when he ran his tongue over every tantalizing inch of it?
“I know what you meant,” she ground out. “There’s no need to be so crude.”
“Crude?” A dark laugh escaped. “You think that’s crude? You have no idea what a filthy mouth I have, do you, Pepper? No, of course you wouldn’t.” He met her eyes, trying hard not to laugh again when he saw passion, anger, and jealousy warring in her expression.
“What about dirty talk? I’d hate to scare anyone off by coming on too strong.”
Pepper’s jaw opened and closed, closed and opened. She seemed to be at a loss for words, which was goddamn unheard of.
“Come on, help a guy out,” Jack said mockingly. “I don’t like going into situations blind. It’s the soldier in me, you know?”
She finally voiced a reply. “Yes, I think dirty talk is fine.”
“You sure?”
Her head jerked in a nod.
“So there’s no issue when I tell her how sweet her pussy tastes?”
Another abrupt nod, accompanied by another intake of breath.
“What about if I say I want to shove my tongue in her cunt and fuck it until she screams?”
A tortured sound left Pepper’s lips and drove a spike of desire right through his cock.
Christ, she looked as if she were in the middle of a very naughty dream. Cheeks flushed, lips parted, her breathing erratic.
Satisfaction swiftly surged through him. He hadn’t imagined it, then. She was feeling the same lust he was. The same lust he’d denied for years.
Now that it had been unleashed, he knew there was no going back.
“Yes, Jack,” she damn near moaned. “She’ll probably love it.”
“Good.” He licked his lips again. “That’s all I wanted to know.”


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