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More new things and SOLD

First off the news…I’ve already signed the contract so it’s official official. Book 2 in the Pacific Passion series, Stormy Seduction,  will be out in 2011. 😀 I’m hoping to get book three firmed up soon as well, but for now, YEAH!!!! That’s #11 with Samhain and my awesomesauce editor Anne Scott. OH! And I had asked for help to find this title back in May, remember? Cheryl Kaye Tardif suggested Seductive Storm, and I used a twist on that YEAH CHERYL!! Thank you!

Just a tiny taste- unedited, so mistakes are all mine.


Sensual water shifters meet volatile air shifters—ready for the coming storm?

Laurin Marshall accepts the powerful magical connection between her and shaman Matthew Jentry. Still, in the early days of their new relationship, there are a lot of details to be figured out, and trusting another person after hiding for many years is a difficult thing.

Between fighting off her would-be-suitors from the People of the Air, and making sure his own people don’t get too intimate, Matt’s heart and body are completely hers. Now if he can guide them both through the traditional Summer solstice fertility rituals without losing his mind, they might be okay.


“You’ve drawn a nice crowd.”

The disgusted expression on her face made him laugh softly as she responded. “I guess I should feel complimented so many men think I’m worth fighting for.”

There was no way he could let that one pass. Ignoring the air shifters he turned Laurin in his arms and held her tight. “You are totally worth fighting for.”

She flicked a glance at the challengers. “Umm, Matt? You know, if you weren’t here, they’d fight amongst themselves. Last one standing would claim me, or at least try to. They don’t know you, so you’ve become the focus. You just put a target on your back.”

He raised a brow. “A target, hey? Shall we make it very clear that if any ‘claiming’ is going to be done you’ve already selected the man you want?”

Matt turned his back to the others as if he considered them no threat at all, then scooped her up and kissed her senseless. If he cheated a little and used a touch of his shaman magic simply to ensure no one jumped them from behind, screw it. He wanted to enjoy this moment.

Laurin was stiff and unresponsive for all of three seconds before threading her fingers into his hair and giving their kiss her undivided attention. Her tongue stroked along his, the sweet taste of her mouth making his interest rise in far more than a quickie kiss. He cupped her butt, reaching under the tails of the shirt to caress the smooth bare skin. God, she was driving him insane. The cooling touch of her magic slid over his and he shuddered.


The second thing is that I’m still tweaking around the website, but I am SOOO loving the work that Bree did for me. Eventually I hope to have a different sidebar for the blog page/regular pages, but one step at a time, right?

Finally, make sure you’ve got it marked on your calendar for July 11th—drop in at the Samhain Cafe from 3-7 for a bit of  a party. We’ll have excerpts and prizes and if you noticed…the ONE thing missing around the site is any information about book 4 in the Granite Lake Wolves series. I mean, you know Wolf Tracks is TJ’s story, but do you know who his sweetie is? **blinks innocently** That’s a secret I’m going to share during the party. That, and the blurb, and I’m REALLY hoping we get final approval on the cover art by then. No guarantees on that one, but it’s goooooood!!

And I’ll also be chatting about Whirlpool, and Under the Northern Lights. Bree and Donna are coming out with wonderbar stuff from A Safe Harbor. Alisha Rai and Keith Melton will be there, and we’re going to be roasting…I mean breaking in a new author as well, Devin Harnois who’s first book released yesterday. I’m enjoying Darkness at Dawn very much. I’ll tell you more about it later this week.

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Violet Hilton
Violet Hilton
11 years ago

Congrats Viv! Love seeing all this awesome news from you. I wish I had the same amount of writing mojo you do 🙂

And the new website layout is great, really enjoying it!

11 years ago

Congrats, Vivian.

Maria D.
Maria D.
11 years ago

Congratulations on the new contract! Thanks for the excerpt!

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