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Looking Back / Looking Forward

2012 was a banner year in so many ways. It always amazes me to take a long, hard look after a year has passed, and realize what’s been accomplished. What good things have happened.

Since this is my writer’s blog, I’ll stick pretty much to that part of my world, and the biggest thing to share is that readers–wow–readers have made this all possible. I love writing, but even more I love knowing that people are enjoying my stories. I’m not the type that would write simply to write. To tuck the novels away and move to the next one. I NEED to have people to share with, and the fact that so many of you have embraced my storytelling is enough to make me want to climb a high mountain and shout for joy.

Which I did in 2012 😀

SilverMine300Over the year I had 5 new ebook release with Samhain Publishing and 7 print books. I sweet-talked my awesome agent, Kim Whalen, into repping me, and with her guiding me, went through the amazing first time event of an auction/sale to a New York publisher. Two of my books hits the New York Times and USA Today list–and that was ALL you readers. WHeeeeee!!! Silver Mine received an RT Top Pick and was nominated for an RT 2012 paranormal award.

I went to RT Convention in Chicago, RWA in LA, and a third book signing/get away w writer friends in Las Vegas. I answered emails, but gave up most of my blogging in favour of writing more words on stories, preparing for a busy 2013. I played on twitter lots, Facebook a little and IM far more than I should. 😀

The biggest things I’ve learned this past year are: focus and fun.

Focus is a variation on a theme. I’ve always been interested in goal setting. On realizing that at different times in our lives we go through different seasons, and what’s right at one moment will not be right down the road. Clinging to the old style simply to cling is painful and doesn’t help anyone. I need every month, heck, every day to FOCUS on the here and now, and what’s right. What’s needed. This is part of the reason I’m not blogging so much anymore. While I love blogging, and I miss interacting in that way, it’s simply not the best use of my time, not with faulty internet and all the other responsibilities I have. To waste time regretting that is also silly, so I’m happy to have the moments I can, and for the rest? Know that I’m spending time writing MORE lovely stories for you.

Fun seems self explanatory, but I have to confess I’m VERY competitive. Not necessarily with others, but with myself. If I wrote 9 books in 2010, and only 7 in 2011, it feels as if I’m going backwards. Well, actual word count shows that the 6 books I wrote in 2012 adds up to WAY more words than in 2011 (because 5 were novels) but you see what I mean? I don’t want to be scrambling to try to do more when it’s just a number on the page. Writing is a joy to me. My friends are a joy, and so is my family. Those are the things I’m focusing on, not some silly desire to ‘do more.’

I want to keep ‘living more’. That’s a far more important goal.

High RiskWhat’s coming in 2013?

Rocky Mountain Desire: Six Pack Ranch #3 in print
Wolf Nip: Granite Lake Wolves #6- digital

High Risk: Adrenaline #1- my Berkley Sensation book! Digital/Mass market. This will be the first time I get to see my book in book stores on release day!

Rocky Mountain Rebel: Six Pack Ranch #5: digital (Joel’s story)

Silver Mine: Takhini Wolves#2- print

Diamond Dust: Takhini Wolves #3- digital

High Passion- Adrenaline #2 -Digi/mass market

Rocky Mountain Angel:Six Pack Ranch #4 print

(tentative) Six Pack Ranch #6

Under an Endless Sky (Granite Lake Wolves print antho #3)

RockyMountainRebel300Other projects:

Keeping it fun, I have ideas for a couple of self pub projects, including a new wolfie 3 book antho, a 3 book BFF series and…I’ll tell you more as I know, because FUN FUN FUN, right? 😉

Events I’m going to for sure:
RT Conference in Kansas City in May
RWA in Atlanta in July
Emerald City in Seattle in Sept

Events that are PRETTY sure:
LoveLetters in Germany late May
Lori Foster in June


Since the moment I subbed that first story to now, the adventure of publishing has been incredible. Varied, and challenging, and SO much fun. And the shiniest parts have been the friends I’ve made. You, the readers and writers who fill my world.

Thank you. That’s…about the best I can say. Thanks so, so much.

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Lisa B
Lisa B
8 years ago

I have plans to attend Lori Foster’s even again this year. Will be my 2nd time. I enjoyed it so much last year and learning how everything works. Never been to anything author related. I live in the boonies. Hope you are able to attend Vivian. Happy New Year!!

Lisa B

Colleen C.
Colleen C.
8 years ago

Happy New Year! 😀 Looks good!

Nancy Gilliland
Nancy Gilliland
8 years ago

I hope to be at RT this year, health and finances allowing, since it is just across the state from me-even if I can only make book signing day, I will be able to meet you and my other author friends. The new year is looking good from this perspective, looking forward to reading more from you.

Sullivan McPig
Sullivan McPig
8 years ago

If i had known you were going to LoveLetters I might have thought about it a bit longer before deciding to go to WFC2013 instead.

Have a great 2013!!!

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