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Holiday Hey

Sorry about missing posting Fae Visions yesterday. It’s the holidays and they’ve officially started for our household. My brother arrived and transfered all my computer data from one old laptop to another that won’t freeze and lose my work!

I will post more of the story over the next little while but with the first of guests arriving yesterday and the ski hill opening… life got busy.

I plan to be on a holiday schedule until after Christmas, which doesn’t mean that I’ll post less often, just not in a regular routine. Yes, a change in plans but life needs to keep on moving. I am excited to say I think I’ve got the bugs worked out of my current wip, Tidal Wave, and got a bit more added. Yeah!!! Updates as they happen.

I hope everyone has a wonderful vacation. Take the time to enjoy the little moments, refresh and renew for the coming year.

It’s going to be a great one!

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