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Hi from Florida!

I’m finally in the sunshine. And I’m STAYING. **puts down an anchor and clings to it**

What can I tell you? I’ve been busy with many things lately as well as traveling with the family- writing the new wolfies book, edits on Rising, Freestyle out in July. Planning for the cowboys…


There we go. I’ll tell you a little bit about the cowboys. I’ve started writing the additions to Rocky Mountain Heat. Yes,there will be more story added, but I’m trying to make sure that if you don’t want to purchase the new versions, and want to wait for the new release of book three, you’ll be fine.

Except the boys are planning all kinds of mischief. :D The fun part for me is that I’m getting to add in some of the other boy’s escapades, and introduce a few of the cousins from the area. Things I couldn’t really do when the story was a category length. Extra word space means more Colemans.

So I know there are things like the Moonshine Wars (couple of the Uncles had issues…) mudbogging and this very interesting club that some of the gang likes to go to. Oh, and the swimming hole. And the horses.

Anything else cowboyish you’re hoping to see?

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9 years ago

*raising head* Florida?????

9 years ago

Hey. Intrested in house swapping? I have a loovely apartment in Sweden. What do you say? ;).
( Kidding. Know you live in a trailer right now :))

Nancy Gilliland
Nancy Gilliland
9 years ago

I am looking forward to more cowboys. I want you to know, I never read cowboys until you introduced me to the Colemans, now I love cowboys almost as much as wolfies.

Kris M.
9 years ago

I love FL weather, it is the reason I live here!

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