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Granite Lake Wolves Snippet -Part Three

How Tad learned about Werewolves -Part Three

Part One is here

Part Two is here


“Holy shit!”

In a flash Tad scrambled to his feet and fled from the wolf to the safety of the shed door.

Keil came toward him, slow and peaceful, hands up, open palms, “Hey, it’s okay, Tad. Relax.”

Tad fumbled with his belt, drew out his hunting blade and held it between them. “Relax? Shit, shit… no fucking way. What the hell is going on, Keil? Where’s TJ?”

“Tad. Put the knife away. TJ’s fine, he’s right there behind the shed.”

Tad flicked a glance sideways then aimed the knife straight at Keil.

“He’s a fucking wolf?”

Keil took a step back and crossed his arms. “Tad, will you put the damn knife away so I can talk to you?”

“Not bloody likely.”

“Tad, I’m warning you.”


Keil reached under his padded vest and pulled out a handgun. Without a word he adjusted his stance and aimed it at Tad.

They stood motionless, the sound of spring songbirds obscenely loud in the air around them, until Tad stood down and sheathed his knife.

“Damn American gun laws.”

Keil shrugged as he slipped away his pistol. “I’ve got a permit. I can’t help it if you Canadians are too polite to carry.”

“I have a shotgun in the plane.”

“And I’m sure it’ll come in real handy when the bears try to climb in for a free ride.” He turned back to the storage area. “TJ,” he called, “Get your furry ass out here now!”

The large silver grey wolf slunk around the corner, head dropped. Keil motioned for Tad to join him.

“I’d say all the usual things like he’s not going to hurt you and don’t panic but saying it won’t make this any easier.” He pointed at the wolf where it sat on its haunches in front of them. “Tad, you’ve met TJ, otherwise known as Mr. Disaster. You may as well get a proper look.

“Shift, TJ.”

Tad swung his head back to stare at, well, it had to be TJ. The wolf regarded him with bright eyes. Tad’s vision blurred, and instead of a large lupine the tall youth sat buck-naked on the ground.

“I don’t suppose you could have waited to ask me to shift until I was somewhere near clean clothes, hmmm?” TJ complained. Keil glared at him and TJ shut his mouth tight, biting his bottom lip hard. Keil lifted one hand, pointed toward the cabin and for the second time in an hour TJ sprinted away from them.

Of course, this time he was naked, but Tad was trying real hard not to notice.

“Well, sorry for the sudden introduction to our reality, but… hey, here we are.” Keil said in a calm, quiet voice.

“I’m actually in a coma somewhere, right? This is a dream and I’ve got some freaky obsession with seeing TJ’s ass.”

Keil snorted. “I hope not. His ass is too young for you, even if you swing that way, which I don’t think you do. Come on, I think you could use a little shot of bracer. We’ll have some lunch, answer your questions and it’ll work out fine.”

Tad looked back over the lake again. Sun was still shining, sky was still bright. Only in the past five minutes the whole world flipped upside down. Strange how quick life could change.

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