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Feature: One Sexy Ride

Do you love a virgin hero? What about the best friend’s older brother trope? If so, look no further than ONE SEXY RIDE!


One Sexy Ride


At least this time she was wearing a bra, which was a whole lot more than she’d had on the last time he had gotten up close and personal with the bold black marks decorating her skin.

“Len Thompson, you tell me right now why your signature is on my belly. Along with what looks like my handwriting saying Len + Janey 4ever.”

A distant rumble of voices grew louder, and Len glanced over his shoulder to see the staff room door opening. It was bad enough to have to deal with this, but he couldn’t allow anyone to see Janey half-naked in the middle of the family garage.

He turned back and braced himself. “I’ll explain everything, but not here.”

She shook her head. “I’m not going anywhere without some answers.”

Len gave up trying to convince her. Simply leaned over and planted his shoulder against her stomach, grabbed hold of her legs and picked her up. She squawked in dismay, but he ignored her complaining, heading for the exit at a rapid clip. He had them outside and tucked in next to the propane shed in no time, out of sight from anyone who might wander into the garage yard.

“Put me down this instant, you big lughead.” Janey punctuated her complaints by smacking her fists into his back.

“We’re not discussing anything in front of my family.” Len lowered her to the ground, careful she had her balance before letting go. He snatched her T-shirt from her hand and thrust it forward. “Put your clothes on.”

Janey folded her arms over her chest, her chin rising defiantly. “Why is your signature on my body?”


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