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Feature: High Seduction

Do you like adventure romance? How about high stakes search & rescue missions? If so, you must ready HIGH SEDUCTION!
high seduction bastard
“You’re not going to do anything now, are you? Jason said Matt could be here at any time.”
A sweep of light-headedness rolled over her. Her breathing picked up, but it wasn’t panic. Nothing that would make her call him out and call it off.
“You’re a bastard,” she noted as plainly as she could.
“You’ve told me so before, and yet here we are.” Tim leaned over and tugged her chair to face him slightly. “You like your men with a little bastard in their blood. Admit it.”
Her breathing picked up a notch. “I like you.”
He smiled in approval, then rocked her control even further. “Pull up your skirt so I can see your pussy. Now.”
Her fingers were moving before her brain fully registered the words. She rolled the fabric upward and cooler air from the room brushed her, and she sighed.
Tim pulled something from his pocket. “Damn. So fucking gorgeous.”
When he dropped to his knees and pulled her hips forward, she bit her lip to keep from shouting.


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