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Feature Friday: Tidal Wave

Looking for a sexy menage romance? Check out TIDAL WAVE!
“Gram, where do you keep the rice?” Alexia rummaged through another cupboard in frustration. “Gram?”
Her grandmother stared out the window without answering.
Alexia wrapped an arm around her and led her back to the kitchen table. “We need groceries. I can’t find much of anything in the house right now.”
Gram waved a hand to the front of the fridge and a list of numbers tacked by the phone. “Get what we need delivered. Just call and they’ll come by. You need to be here, that’s more important than groceries. You need to be ready for it, Ally.”
Alexia poured some tea and forced the cup into her grandmother’s hand.
She hadn’t been warned how far her relative had regressed in the past year. It was no longer an active senior who faced her across the table. This was a frail reflection of the dynamo Alexia knew.
It broke her heart to see Gram lose herself.
“You need to be ready,” Gram repeated as she patted Alexia’s arm with fingers gone soft with time. The old lady sipped her tea and Alexia saw a flash of familiar eagerness as Gram’s gaze returned to the window. To the ocean.
Alexia sighed and held Gram’s hand. She was glad to get this last bit of time with the woman who meant so much to her, but it was hard to see her changed.
“You look lovely. The boys will all be fighting over you, but you make the decision. It’s your choice, no matter what they say.” The old lady chuckled. “I remember when your Gramps courted me. He wouldn’t leave me alone. I had my eye on him too, even though there were others who were supposed to be better for me. It’ll be the same for you. I know it. You’ll see him and he’ll be the one you want.”
“I’m not here to find a husband. I’m here for you,” Alexia insisted.
“Bah, what do you need with a cranky old lady? You need a nice strong young man with beautiful eyes.” Gram leaned forward and shook a finger in her direction. “Don’t you take any guff from them now. You’re stronger than they think.”


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