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Enroute to RWA

It’s actually happening–I’m on my way to Florida and the Romance Writers Assoc conference. Coming from Western Canada, it’s a bit of a trek, but I love to travel, even though I’m not arriving until very late east coast time.

Here’s MY list of things I promise to do/not to do while at RWA.

#1- I give myself permission to be excited to see authors I’ve read and I love. I also give myself permission to NOT feel like a dweeb when I’m not sure who the writer is someone else is drooling on. I don’t know all the authors out there. I haven’t read ALL their books, and in the short time I’ve been reading romance, I don’t think I can be expected to.

#2- I will not fuss about what I’m wearing. (This is a cheat– I’m not really a girly-girl, so clothes? Meh.)

#3- I will take in a few workshops. I’ve never been to RWA, but I’ve been to other conferences and I  know me. I like to wander halls and chat more than sit in a session. Still, I know there are some people who have learned lessons I need to take in. I will pretend to be older than 12 and be good.

#4- I will talk to everyone. Like usual. (Ask Valerie Tibbs–she saw me in action last year at the Lori Foster conference. 😉 )

#5- I will not keep my roommates up later than they want. And I will only sing karaoke if people have…Rock Star and stuff.

Oh, and #6- if you see me, I will give you a BIG hug, unless you’re not into PDA, then we can shake hands or something.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the start of One Week of Wolves--the celebration for my first print release.

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11 years ago



Sullivan McPig
Sullivan McPig
11 years ago

I hope you have lots of fun! You did bring Wolfie too I hope?

Bonne Friesen
Bonne Friesen
11 years ago

Have a totally fabulous time! I know you’ll make lots of friends and come away with tons of new insight that I will get to pick your brain for! Will you be talking to editors or anything like that?

Maria D.
Maria D.
11 years ago

Enjoy the trip and do what you want to do…lol

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