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A trio of snippets

Well, I decided to do a little bit of everything, because I HAVE NEWS!!!

:D Falling , Freestyle‘s release date has been bumped up to November 30th. Weeehooo! So…

October 26th: Wolf Tracks

The first chapter is posted HERE

Pam stood to the side, her fingers squeezing so hard around the flower arrangement Maggie had passed her she heard some of the flower stems crack. Across from her, TJ held her gaze with his and damn, the man was enough to distract a saint. She barely heard Erik and Maggie exchange vows, she was too caught up in admiring his clean-cut good looks. Getting lost in his mesmerizing dark eyes. She wanted to interrupt the ceremony to demand he stare elsewhere, but at the same time she couldn’t help but be flattered.

Maybe a short fling wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

The whole service passed in a blur as they locked eyes. Inside, a flame burned, desire wrapped around her core and made her heart pound. There had to be something in the northern air causing her to react like a sex-crazed ninny.

A discreet cough brought her back to her senses, and she hurried to join Maggie and Erik as they moved down the aisle between the chairs, headed for the hall. TJ’s warm hand slid around her waist and goose bumps rose. He ignored her wiggled attempt to dislodge him, instead tucking her tightly against his side and lowering his head until his lips hovered an inch over her ear. She waited for him to whisper something wicked, something in keeping with the heat of passion he’d been throwing at her for the past umpteen minutes.

The anticipation was killing her and she swore her panties were wet just thinking about him saying something sexy.


Not sexy. “What?”

“Or fish? What do you want for dinner?”

She laughed out loud and relaxed against him. “You’re a goof.”

TJ sighed mightily. “So I’ve been told.”

For the next hour he proceeded to enchant her, anticipating her every need. They sat to one side of the bridal couple and throughout the meal he touched her constantly.

“You treat all your visitors like this?” she asked. Blood pounded through her hard enough she could have just finished a marathon.

TJ topped up the wine in her glass as he shook his head.

“I can honestly say you’re the first woman I’ve ever treated this way.” He rested his arm on the back of her chair and her nipples tightened. Would anyone notice if she crawled into his lap and sucked face with him for a while?


Falling, Freestyle, November 30th


First chapter is HERE

Alpine Responsibility Code
Rule #5–Safety restraints must be used at all times.

Dara stood erect, her breasts like some kind of missile system. Cocked and fully loaded, they aimed forward, barely contained by the wisp of fabric on her skin. It was the sexiest thing she owned and she felt more naked in it than if Kane had insisted she come to dinner in the nude.

She’d packed the scanty lingerie with uncertainty. Heck, she’d bought it during her mad planning session for this getaway, trying to think of what the guys might find attractive. It wasn’t her usual attire–having a string up her butt was not what she’d choose to wear most days. Besides, it was scary how much the shop had charged for mere inches of material.

It was all worth it when she saw the expression in Jack’s eyes as Kane led her around the corner. His hands skittered over the utensils he was placing on the table.

“Oh sweet thing. Where have you been all my life?” He gave her one of his exaggerated winks.

Suddenly she was comfortable again. These were her buds, her “cuddle in the dark because there’s a lightning storm outside the tent” friends.

Her lovers as of an hour ago.

There was nothing to fear from them, not even clad in the most come-hither outfit in the world.

(Want a little more? Rest of the excerpt is HERE)


The Carina Cat Shifter, coming December 6th


“We’re cats, El. You can’t tell me you don’t want me.”

It was clear her body wanted him. He circled the hard tip of her nipple with a fingertip and she arched against his hand. If he weren’t wearing the helmet, he would have buried his face in her neck and nibbled his way along her hairline until they had to make an unscheduled pit stop for a session of unrestrained cougar sex.

When she finally answered him, her voice was controlled and very prim. “I’m going to tell Mom and Dad you’re a friend who needs a place to stay during the holidays. They’ll be delighted to meet you.”

“Friends, hey? With benefits?”

“No,” she snapped out. “No benefits. I’ll admit I like you, but that’s entirely beside the point. I’m on a case, and fooling around with you would be wrong.”

Kyle reluctantly withdrew his hand from under her shirt and resettled more chastely. “Okay.”

Dead silence. He waited. From the little bit he’d seen of her, teasing could totally go both ways. The surest way to make her want him was to make her admit it to herself.

“Even if we’re both shifters and the urge was there, and I’m not saying it is, mind you. But if it were, we don’t have to give into it.”

The urge to snort in disbelief was powerful, but he managed to play it cool. “No problem.”

She wiggled again, and he grinned at nothing. Me thinketh the lady doth protesteth too much. Face facts—she wanted him too. They were cats after all. This adventure got more interesting all the time.

“My parents’ house is small—although they did mention adding an addition this past year. Something about making extra room for my brothers. Still, I suspect you’ll be sleeping in the guest room, and I’ll bunk with my sisters.”

Fuck. Well, he’d find a way around that somehow. Not that sex was all he thought about. Kyle paused for a moment. He was pretty sure there were other things he thought about.

He shook his head and forced himself to answer her, ignoring the images that leapt to mind of her in the scarlet red bikini-bra set he’d purchased for her that morning. “No worries then. You’ve got it all figured out. I feel so safe already.”

She sighed again. “Yeah, except from Christmas overdose. I hope you’re up on your Christmas carols. And you’re not allergic to fruitcake, are you?”

What the hell? “Why?”

She took a corner at a slightly higher than suggested speed, and he hung on for dear life. “My parents are kinda big on the holiday. Traditionally, they’ve decorated the bungalow to within an inch of its life. We have deer ornaments on the lawn, North Pole candy canes on the roof, and a runway for Santa’s sleigh. One year my dad tried to make one of those sequential light displays that made the deer look like they were leaping, but he fell and electrocuted himself, so only Rudolph’s nose flickered.”

Kyle couldn’t suppress a burst of laughter. “I’m sorry about your dad, but it’s all sounding more and more peachy-keen by the minute. Are you sure we don’t want to try for Tahiti instead?”

He could have sworn she muttered “In my dreams.”

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Maria D.
Maria D.
10 years ago

Alot of great looking books coming up in a short while:)

Moonsanity (Brenda)
10 years ago

SO much goodness:) Man, I do love T.J. and can’t wait for his story!

Marian Perera
10 years ago

I love the part about them cuddling in the dark because of the storm. Somehow, in snippets, details like that work even better for me than sexual tension. Or maybe I just like cuddling. :)

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