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A post about writing

I was going through my (colour coded and ridiculously organized) notes regarding writing and was having so much fun I thought I could share a little bit with you. Whether you think it’s as cool as I do, it certainly makes me smile!

First story written:
November 2007 for Nanowrimo. Goal 50K words in one month. I ended up with a 117K YA fantasy, Secrets of Tarneth.

First Romance:
Hidden Away, a 50K word werewolf written in March 2008 that taught me some lessons in world building that I used in the later Granite Lake books

First Book I submitted:
Taken for Granite, a 20K paranormal comedy for the Tickle My Fantasy anthology. Written April/May 2008. I didn’t make it in, but was passed to Anne Scott who gave me suggestions to make the story better. I added 10K, we renamed it Wolf Signs, and it became my first publication. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love Anne?)

6 books written and 2 freebies (total 196K words)
0 books published 0 freebies

9 books written and 2 freebies (total 308 K)
5 books published 3 freebies 0 print

3 books written and 0 freebies (total 123 so far)
12 books published 2 freebies 2 print (this is what is scheduled or in terms of the freebies-planned)

I’m actually slightly ahead of where I was last year in terms of writing ie I speed up as the year goes on. I’m at the point that I’ve got a number of projects that are all planned out and I’m putting in the time to get the words down. I do plan on writing another couple freebies, but they will have to be fall projects. My summer is completely booked right now.

Any questions? Comments?

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Maria D.
Maria D.
10 years ago

Fantastic and really amazing…and I can see why you love Anne Scott!

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