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Yeah! Happy again!

Okay. Okay, I know it’s Sunday but I’m happy with my wolves again. Finally got caught up putting the pieces together fro the scenes I had from all over the place and I’m starting to like Tad and Missy.


Warm food in their bellies, the heat from the stove finally reaching even into the farthest corners of the cabin, Missy sighed and leaned back on the soft pillows Tad had pulled from storage.

“There were three other full blood wolves in high school with us,” she said, watching the express on his face with delight. “Go on, try and guess who.”

Tad propped himself up on his elbows as he thought back ten years. “Leon? Definitely Leon.”

Missy laughed. “Why definitely?”

Tad bunched up his shoulders and screwed his face into a grimace. He deepened his voice and rasped out “’cause if you’d ever seen the guy changing for gym class you’d have thought he’d forgotten to complete a shift. Guy should have had shares in Nair.”

“You’re bad. You’re right though. Who else?”

“I’m not sure… Maybe Cindy, she had the whole ‘look but don’t touch’ thing down to perfection. Plus, you two hung out together a lot around the school and even around town…” He turned slightly red.

“You were watching me, weren’t you?” Missy said, her eyes on his lips, on the corner of his mouth as he pulled a sheepish smile. Her tongue slipped out to wet her own lips, unable to stop the automatic gesture.

“All the time.” Tad admitted quietly. He reached out a hand and gently tugged loose a curl. She saw him swallow hard, his touch sending a riot of sensation through her body. “You fascinated me. You still do.”

He continued to stare at her, his eyes growing darker.

“Missy, I really need to kiss you.” His voice rasped out harsh and low. His fingers gently twirled the curl again and again. “I really need you now.”

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