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Wow- this is quick!

Soul Deep, my short story from Noble, will be available VERY soon. I’ll confirm the date, but it’s looking like within the next couple weeks.

I just filled out the art form- again, lots of fun, especially since this time my friend Bree from Moira Rogers offered to do the cover. I’m very excited to see what she comes up with.

And it was lots of fun to skim through the story- youch- this one is HOT. Short, but call the fire engine, raging bonfire, exploding suns, kinda hot.

Did I mention it’s hot?

Waiting for his life partner has been difficult. Convincing her that she’s a part of an ancient Atlantis coupling is going to be harder. Luckily, Dylan Finbar’s had plenty of time to develop the patience and the persistence to outlast her protests.

Rachel Hart’s as mesmerized by the young visiting history professor as the rest of the student population. Only, she’s the one that makes his heart complete. Anam Seis, Soul Mates. Can she accept that the attraction between them has been centuries in the making and her potential lover wants not only her body but her soul?

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12 years ago

YEAH! Congrats Viv!!! Woot! Another one for me to read 😀 *excited*

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

Got yourfire proof computer ready?


12 years ago

I deeply love professor type characters. Looking forward to it!

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

Thanks Ciar. I was actually thinking of you and your job while I was writing this!

I had a prof like Dylan once– not in the ‘hot kisses in the auditorum’ kinda way– but the Indiana Jones droolyworthyness.

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