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Woohoo!! Release Date and Tidbit Tuesday

VA SPR RockyMountainHeat

I’m pleased to announce that Rocky Mountain Heat will be available:

August 31st!

Liquid Silver Books posts the releases in the evening, so my cowboys will be available after work for some hot bedtime reading 🙂 I think that calls for a tidbit of Jaxi and Blake!


Jaxi glanced over her shoulder at him as she leaned back on the hammer, loosening an exceptionally tough staple. “You done work for the day or what, Blake Coleman? Or have you never seen a fence fixed before so you want to learn some tips from me?” She winked at him.

Minx. “Well, I haven’t seen you fix a fence in a long time, Slick. Maybe you do it differently nowadays.”

The hammer jerked and slipped from her grasp, her body falling back to land hard on her ass in the middle of the hen-scratched dirt. Blake stepped forward quickly to help her and she chuckled, brushing the dirt from her jeans as she smiled at him. “Maybe I do.”

He checked to make sure she wasn’t hurt and seeing nothing but amusement in her eyes he joined in the game. Nodding seriously at her, he teased, “I’m sure the last time I fixed a fence I didn’t end up on my backside, but I suppose this method is more modern and sophisticated.” He tugged the hammer she’d retrieved from her fingers and scooted around to remove the final staples, handing them back one at a time for her to hang onto.

It was like going back in time. Back to the days when Jaxi followed him around the farm all summer long, talking her head off about everything and anything. They worked together, putting the new boards into place and pounding in a stake to support the chicken wire tight to the ground. All the while Jaxi shared stories about taking care of the doctor’s kids and her work at a local greenhouse the past spring. She even rambled about a book she’d just read that taught how to build a fishpond.

“That’s interesting, Jaxi, but we don’t need to stock a pond around here. It’s a short ride to the river and part of the fun of fishing is heading into nature to sit for a while.” Blake tugged on her ponytail gently like he did when she was a kid. It had been good to work with her for a few minutes doing an everyday task. Something about it eased the tension within him and for the first time in a long time, he simply enjoyed her company as he had for many years before his sexual longings came between them.

Jaxi snorted at him. “You don’t need to stock a pond but the Mitchells are considering it. I’m going to head there next Monday for a bit and see if I can help them get things ready. You want to come along?”

Blake nodded slowly. “I think I should be able to go. Ask me later and we’ll see what’s on the schedule.”

Her grin lit the whole area and Blake’s heart gave a leap. All his calmness left abruptly. He squatted to gather the tools together and their hands bumped as Jaxi grabbed for the hammer and clasped his wrist instead. Heads close, bodies near enough the scent from her skin rose to his nostrils and his body tightened with need. This was no little tagalong girl at his side, no matter how much he wanted her to be. No matter how much safer it would be.

Jaxi stared at him and her pink tongue snuck over her bottom lip to moisten it. Blake bit back the urge to lay his mouth on hers and lick over the wetness, tasting her skin and her sweet flavor. He needed to retreat, needed to stand and flee from temptation and the heavenly smell of her warm breath on his skin before he did something they would both regret. But heaven help him if he could budge.

She released her fingers slowly, drawing back over his skin with a butterfly softness that stroked up his arm and back down directly to his cock. Jaxi stood quickly, her hip bumping him hard and Blake fell backward in the dirt. He stared into her laughing eyes.

“Why, Blake. You do know how to fix fences the modern way after all.”


Looking forward to introducing you to the whole Coleman family, and especially Blake and Jaxi, August 31st!

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Natasha A.
Natasha A.
12 years ago

Eeek!!! So good Viv!!

Amy C
Amy C
12 years ago

Awesome! Can't wait to read this one!

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