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WIP snippet

Tomorrow I’m planning on catching up on what’s been going on in my writing life, but for today, a snippet from the current WIP, Falling, Freestyle. Rough and unedited. Just for fun.

Kane nodded, his dark hair falling around his face as he looked her over slowly. “Friends, and more. You’re right, we can do this.”

“You can do me, you mean.” The guys laughed. Kane stripped off his shirt and Dara hummed with approval as she admired the chiseled muscles before her. A faint trail of hair began at his belly button and led south. “Oh yes, very nice.”

She reached out to help him with the snap on his jeans and found herself blocked by Jack. He eased her back on the bed, pinning her wrists above her head.

“Starting right now, we’re in charge. You want the two of us in your bed? You got it. But you get us, not some idea of what you want us to be. You okay with that?”

Her nipples hardened to rocks. She wiggled slightly, testing his hold and something thrilled inside when she discovered she couldn’t move. Okay, this was hot. Hotter than she’d expected.

Kane and Jack exchanged glances. “She likes a little restraint?” Kane noted.

Jack nodded. “Looks that way. You want to get her legs?”

“Hey guys, she’s right here, listening to you…holy—”

Kane pulled her knees up and to the side. With no further preamble he dropped his head between her legs and suddenly she couldn’t breathe. Her heart raced as he licked her slit, circling the tender tissues with his tongue. The tight grip he had on her ankles kept her spread wide to him. Rather than being embarrassed, she found the sensation exquisite—mind-boggling even.

Jack leaned over her, carefully checking her reaction. “You okay with this?”

Dara was sure she responded, but the actual words she said escaped her—a “Yes”, and maybe a little pleading thrown in for good measure.

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Jamie D.
Jamie D.
11 years ago


*fans self*

Is it hot in here? 😉

Maria D.
Maria D.
11 years ago

Very Hot. Can’t wait to read more of this

11 years ago

Wow!! You are such a tease!! LOL
More, please!!!

11 years ago

Viv, that was scorching! More, please!

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