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Where are we going to?

Consider this a bit of a mid-month update.

A comment came up on twitter that made me stop and think. As a writer, I’ve always got something on the go, and usually for me, that seems to involve series. I love returning to the setting and the people that I’ve come to know.

Also, I’m a little ADD, and the fun of starting to visit a NEW place simply is too thrilling to turn down. There’s a dark side to this, of course. I now have too many stories and series and places to visit to get to them all within the same time frame as if I’d… oh… written ONE series back to back.

October 26 the 4th book in the Granite Lake Wolves releases. There have been people asking for TJ’s story since the 1st book came out March of 2009! And the next book in the wolfies? Well, I’ve start it…OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!!!…and Shaun is simply a ton of fun to write. But when will it be out? Ummm…not sure?

**ducks for cover**

The good part of this is I am really enjoying writing both paranormal and contemporary works. And while -I- read both genres, I’ve been so surprised to hear that there are others who don’t. If I wasn’t an ADD writer, there are all kinds of reader friends I would have missed out on!

SOoooo… quick outline of how long I’m planning on torturing you for. I don’t have many dates. Just wether or not there is something planned. Sorry, it’s all I can share right now.

Wolfies: Bk four (TJ and Pam) Oct 26. Next book in new series (Shaun and Gemma)… hopefully late 2011.

Pacific Passion: This series is all lined up. Bk 2 April 12 Stormy Seduction, and Bk 3 May 17 Silent Storm.

Forces of Nature: I do want to write 2 more books in the series, but looking at my schedule, I don’t see working on them until late 2011.

Turner Twins: Turn It Up (Maxwell Jr and Natasha) releases Feb 8. That’s it for the Turners for a while. Only planned two books.

Six Pack Ranch: I’ll have news to share regarding the Coleman Boys come early October. Until then…shhhh.;)

And that’s it for now. If you have any other books you are wondering about, ask away!

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10 years ago


I love updates!

I suppose I will have to wait until October to hear more about my boys at the Six Pack Ranch. I also just pre – ordered Wolf Tracks too! I was wondering however if you had any plans in the Claiming Derryn world? Are there any more books on the way or should I just keep reading the one over and over? Which I will still do since your books are some of the few that I will actually do that to!

Thanks So Much!

Vivian Arend
Vivian Arend
10 years ago
Reply to  Carrie

Ohhh, Claiming Derryn! The Sex in Space Books!

Umm, yes, I do want to write 2 more in the series to get to the end of the adventure. Right now, the next book would have to be slipped into the schedule based on how fast I write, how well the other characters behave, and how many requests I get for it 😉

I’m glad you enjoyed the story- I loved writing that one.

Jamie D.
Jamie D.
10 years ago

Yay for more wolfies! And yay for the second Turner book (Turner Twins kind of says “2”, so I think you’re covered there LOL).

Now about this Six Pack Ranch thing… sounds yummy, and I know nothing about it. LOL

I read across sub-genres, so your flitting about doesn’t bother me at all. Always something new to read, so I’m happy. 🙂

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