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Update of Updatingness

It’s been a while since I shared what’s going on in my writing world, mostly because I’ve been so flipping busy I haven’t had time to update anything. Keeping my head above water was the only goal some days! But I managed to meet my deadlines, and everything in life is settling down as well, so I’m looking forward to some relaxing, and writing in a more relaxed fashion.

I’ve been striving to avoid the words ‘burnt out’ because they scare me, but the truth is while I love, love, love writing, the past 12 months  (glances at calendar) or maybe 24 or 36… have been filled to the brim even by my standards. Good things (travel & house building & moving family closer) and stressful things (health issues & moving). It all adds up.

Now the goal is to have some fun writing stories, enjoy travel w my hubby, and start a healthier lifestyle than sitting on my butt writing so much. ;)


Granite Lake Wolves is complete at 6 novellas. The final print anthology UNDER AN ENDLESS SKY is out in December 2013, and that will finish the stories for that pack. I’ve loved Granite Lake for so many reasons, not the least that WOLF SIGNS started my writing career, but I don’t want to simply add more stories to the series in order to add them. I know people love the books, but I’m pretty sure I can come up with something new for you to enjoy.

Takhini Wolves has one more book in the series. MOON SHINE is  scheduled for May 2014. The Takhini series was always intended to be a 4 book set, with a finite story arc building through the series. There’s one more plot thread to finish, Evan’s, and then it’s done. (print version should be around December 2014)

However…I will be writing single title (i.e. stand alone) books set in the Takhini world. Probably novellas or category length (40-50K) There are a lot of fascinating characters I want to explore still, but they will be in the context of Takhini Shifters, not add on books to the series. These books will be written as I find time/inspiration.

Adrenaline Search & Rescue. I’ve completed the 3 books I sold to Berkley Publishing for the series. HIGH SEDUCTION is coming out February 2014, and it’s a lovely hot one. :D

Six Pack Ranch. Well, now that Travis is coming out in November we’re done, right? *ducks* No, don’t shout! There are 4 more books planned. But here’s the BIG thing. With all those Colemans running around Rocky Mountain House, I decided I had to do something. The guys will all get their stories under the Six Pack Ranch series title—which does make sense since the SP was the original land before it got divvied up.

The gal cousins are getting their own books, Anna Coleman the first of them! I mentioned this when I shared about the new spin-off series Thompson & Sons. (you can read that post here) Karen, Tamara and Lisa Coleman, though, are getting their own series. The Whiskey Creek Women will give the ladies a chance to shine and find their own HEAs. These will be novels, and I hope to have the first out before summer 2014.

And…there’s so much more that I ‘m looking forward to! I’ve got a new shifter trilogy I’m planning right now (wolves!) and another (bears!!) and yet another (dragons!!!) There’s a sekrit project that I don’t want to chit chat about too much other than to say WOWOWOW, it’s fun and crazy and exciting and sexy (contemporary). I made a list of potential story ideas the other day, and stopped at 27 books.

I think it’s safe to say I’ll be writing for a long time, since that’s without any plot bunnies coming to call!

So to recap:

Takhini Wolves: 1 more
Six Pack Ranch: 4 more
Thompson & Sons: 5 books
Whiskey Creek Women: 3 books
New shifter of SOME sort: 3 books
Sekrit project: Brawhahaha!

Scheduled releases still for 2013:

DEC 03: UNDER AN ENDLESS SKY print anthology Wolf Line & Wolf Nip


Got any questions, let me know! Got a series you’re really looking forward to? Let me know!

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Danielle H
Danielle H
7 years ago

Looks like you’ll be plenty busy. Can’t wait for new book and series.

Brenda Hyde
Brenda Hyde
7 years ago

Thanks for the update– I was wondering where you were on everything. I love the wolfie books, but can understand it having to end. I have to admit as much as I love them, I think I love the Takhini stories more. THEN I read the first Adrenaline Search & Rescue book, and was like DAHAMMMMM… LOL I loved that too. The bottom line is I love them ALL, so as long you are cranking them out I’m a happy camper:)

Sullivan McPig
Sullivan McPig
7 years ago

I’ll miss the wolfies. Thanks for giving us so many cool shifter romances :-)

6 years ago

How come the other members of lifeline aren’t getting a story to? The books I’ve read so far are awesome and can’t wait to read more. Oh and love your first name not a lot of us Vivian’s around these days.

6 years ago

Hi, I love all your books but my favorite is the Six Pack Ranch series. Will there be a book about Jessie?

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