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Tidbit from Tidal Wave Vivian Arend 2008
“Wait. There’s something you need to see.” Anthony took her by the elbow and led her to the shoreline. He gave a long piercing whistle and the hair on the back of Alexia neck stood up. Joshua stepped behind her, slipped his arm around her waist gently, hushing her when she tensed.

“It’s okay, Alexia. Do you see the dolphins? In the surf?” he asked.

She nodded. Joshua lowered his chin to her shoulder, breathing in her sweet scent as her breath quickened. The dolphins approached, leaping over the waves until they were in chest deep water. A couple of them chattered at the gathering on the shore, their beautiful smiles showing as they turned their heads to the side to watch with bright eyes.

“Lift your arms in the air, Alexia. Tell them you want to see them.”

She turned her head to the side and her lips brushed over his cheek before she pulled back slightly. “Tell them what?”

Joshua lifted his hand to caress over her neck, delighted that she relaxed back into him so naturally. She might be mentally overwhelmed by her behavior but her body knew him. Knew what she needed.

“Tell them to change.”

She snorted softly. “Maybe I’m not the one that’s acting crazy.”

“Trust me.”

Alexia lifted her arms into the air and the dolphins stilled, rising and falling in the swells of the water. “Okay, dolphins, change!” she shouted. She giggled for a second then the sound froze on her lips. Joshua tightened his hold on her as he felt the increase of tension spread throughout her. She sucked in air, her pulse racing wildly.

“It’s impossible.” Her head whipped around to stare at Michael and Anthony who shrugged and gestured back at the ocean.

“If it was impossible you wouldn’t have seen it,” Anthony pointed out. “Improbable is a better word.”

“Thank you, Mr. English teacher,” Michael groaned. “You want to tell the rest of the story now?”

“Wait,” Alexia cried, her finger pointing out to the sea where a dozen hard male bodies all stood in the chest deep water. “What is going on? Where did they come from?” She leant forward slightly and squinted. “Holy cow, is that Braden? And Jake?”

“And the rest of the guys from the dance floor. Yes, it’s them, and you saw where they came from,” Anthony said. “You saw them change from their dolphin forms.

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Jess Dee
Jess Dee
12 years ago

Okay. You have me. I am forever your slave.
I love dolphins, and I love the idea of dolphins shifting!
Send me the link as son as the book is available.

12 years ago

This is going to be beyond fantantic Viv. I can’t wait for more.

Viv, it’s mean to tease this way.


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