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Tuesday Tidbits

From Tidal Wave Vivian Arend 2008

Alexia opened her eyes to find she lay on soft cushions set on a thick mat of sea grasses, the rough roof of a cave overhead. A few feet away down a sandy shore there was ocean water, the surface smooth and unbroken, the storm’s madness calmed by the shelter of the cave. Darting moonlight sparkled through the entrance, dancing lights changing the hanging stalactites from fearful objects to ones of beauty and peace. She tasted salt on her lips, the scent of something ripe and wonderful filled her nostrils, and she turned to follow it.

The back of the cave was a solid rock platform. A low wooden trunk was set like a table with a bowl of fruit, a flickering candle. Suddenly ravenous, Alexia picked a ripe strawberry from the offering and bit down, its flavor exploding in her mouth. She sat amidst the cushions and ate. Slowly, deliberately, each sensation peaking higher and higher on her taste buds. She watched the water lap softly at the shore.

It must be a dream. She’d seen this place so many times since she’d started to come to the coast. Ever since she’d fallen in love with the ocean, she’d had dreams involving this cave. Dreams of dolphins and blue lights and endless need that had her waking dazed, restless and aroused.

Suddenly the cave filled with the brilliant blue glow she’d seen around the medallion earlier. It swirled past the entrance and poured like liquid silver through the air, flowing throughout the cavern. It touched her in passing and paused, frozen in midair like a bit of the Milky Way torn from the sky and tossed into the small cave.

The light brushed her feet, swirled around her ankles and twisted its way up her legs. Touching, caressing. A tingling sensation moved with the light as it floated over her skin, and Alexia froze as her body was momentarily enveloped before the light shot to the far back corner and bounced down to form into the solid body of a man.

His skin was smooth, bare of any hair. Blond hair fell to his broad shoulders, muscles well defined in his arms and torso. Brilliant green eyes smiled at her and her heart leapt.


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11 years ago

um… yeah, so why isn’t the rest of this in my inbox?
Not that I can read for too long without throwing up but I still want it when you’re done.

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago


A little long for a tidbit- might have to cut it shorter. But I was thinking of you and thought you could use a pick me up.

11 years ago

I love it Viv. Your writing in getting more and more evocative. It really draws me in.


Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

Thanks sandie.

I’m not sure where this one is coming from but it’s very different than everything else I’ve written so far.

Have to see if it continues or if I’m just having a poetic moment. ;)

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