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Tuesday Tidbit

Tad pulled his jeans to his knees and then changed his mind. He wasn’t planning on being dressed for too long anyway. Instead he gingerly slipped on the huge robe that Robyn had given him for Christmas that had ‘Pilots Do It on the Fly’ embroidered on the back. “I think I can walk but you’re going to have to drive. If I got pulled over I wouldn’t know how to explain to the RCMP why I’m dressed like this in February.”

“Doesn’t anyone want the coffee?” TJ asked as he held up the steaming pot of dark liquid.

Tad sniffed the air. “TJ, where did you get the grounds to make that?”

TJ pointed to a container on the windowsill.

Shaun coughed. “It’s okay, Tad, I won’t drink any of it. Right?”

“Right. Unless you’re looking to develop strong foliage and bright green leaves.”

TJ sniffed the pot. “I thought it smelt exotic…”

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