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Tuesday Tidbit

Yeah for me!!! I finished first draft of Legacy. That means a tidbit today.

I’m now cleaning up the project with the help of my CP’s and then it’ll be off to the editor to see what she thinks.


Ryan waited until he heard the water stop running before raiding the fridge and concocting a simple supper of soup and sandwiches. It gave him plenty of time to consider the rashness of his earlier actions, and way too much time to think about what Maxine would look like in the tub, nipples playing peek a boo through a layer of scented bubbles.

He’d known keeping a secret would hurt, but the thought of her leaving him had been unbearable. She still didn’t understand, she couldn’t have, or there was no way she would have agreed so quickly to getting involved with Carl.

Hell, he still wasn’t sure what he felt for the boy. Responsible, he could acknowledge that emotion in spades, but anything more? Carl’s existence had come as a surprise and was now a constant reminder of their joint father’s undisciplined lifestyle. Exactly the behavior Ryan strived to avoid.

An hour passed as he sipped the wine he’d found in the pantry and waited for Maxine to join him. Finally, curiosity got the better of him and he ascended the stairs and went to find her.

The setting sun shone in the windows of the master bedroom, shades of gold and hues of red falling across the bed where Maxine lay, tangled in the duvet. He approached slowly to make sure he didn’t frighten her, but she was fast asleep. He sat on the edge of the bed and watched her for long time, her breasts rising and falling peacefully, bare skin open to his gaze where the quilt had slipped from her grasp.

She was beautiful. Everything about her made him hard and needy, but her compassion and caring touched him in places he had never imagined. Was it possible to dream of forever with this woman? Perhaps. But right now she deserved to be cherished for the heart of gold she shared at every turn.

Reaching out carefully, Ryan tugged back the covers an inch at a time, his cock rising in anticipation as more of her warm flesh became exposed to his hungry eyes. Gentle as a whisper, he smoothed a hand up her thigh, the soft feel of satiny skin making his mouth water and his heart rate increase. He sat back and stripped off his clothing before joining Maxine on the bed.

She rolled sleepily toward him, nestling into his arms easily. He dipped his head to brush his lips across her cheek, kissing softly. She hummed, the sound rising from deep in her throat and stroking his already primed nerves. Slowly. He needed to go slowly, but the urge to consume her grew with every moment.

Maxine lifted her hands and caressed his torso, her eyes still shut and a mischievous hint of a smile teasing the corners of her mouth. “What a wonderful dream. There’s a Greek god in my bed.”

“Goddess. You’re a goddess.”

“Hmmm, we’re both crazy, you know that?” She stretched lazily, her body arching against his fleetingly and he sucked in a quick breath.

Slow. Keep it slow.

Ryan kissed a path down her throat, murmuring encouragement to her as she shivered under his caresses. “Goddess,” he repeated. “I’m going to worship you.”

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