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Tuesday Tidbit

I’m in Monticello, Utah. Enjoying the holidays. Missing my routine.

A tidbit from Hidden Away, a different werewolf story I’m in the middle of revising. (It was the first erotic romance I wrote, so it need a bit of clean up!)


She woke to the most wonderful sensation, her body tingling all over. The empty bed was still warm next to her. The night had continued until the early morning and she’d lost count of how many times she’d climaxed.

When they’d finally had enough she’d fallen asleep nestled in Tyler’s arms. Safe. Very sated.

Jessi stretched hard, feeling the few spots from her battle with Damien that had still hurt last night but they seemed to be completely healed. She stared at her runners for a minute. Yeah, a run would feel good and let her work a few cobwebs out of her brain.

She heard soft voices in Damien’s room as she walked down the hall but hesitated before knocking. If she interrupted them she might not get her run in.

Stopping in the kitchen she found Reid was there already eating cold pizza. He rose when he saw her and came to hug her, tucking his head under her chin and rubbing her back softly.

“Good Morning, Lupina.”

“Morning, Reid, I didn’t realize you were here already.” She kissed the top of his head and then tugged softly on his ponytail to pull him away. She poured a glass of water while Reid went back to his breakfast.

“Teacher’s Convention; I got dropped off last night and went straight to bed. You running this morning?”

Jessi finished her drink and went to the door. “I am. See you later, little one.”

“Wait.” Reid looked around. “Where’s Tyler?”

“I think he’s talking with Damien. I’m sure he’ll be down soon.”

Reid jumped to his feet. “You’re not running alone.”

She raised an eyebrow at him, “Excuse me?”

Reid lowered his eyes but he spoke firmly. “I’m not trying to order you around, Jessi, but I’m sure that Tyler wouldn’t like it if you went running alone. So either wait for him or if you want to go now, I’ll run with you.”

“Fucking possessive werewolf males….”

Reid laughed, “You do swear a lot, don’t you?”

Jessi grabbed his chin and lifted his eyes to meet hers. “What if I order you not to run with me? Then what are you going to do?”

Reid stroked his chin against where her hand held him and licked softly at her fingers. “Then I’ll hide until you’re out of sight and I’ll follow you. I think it would be better if you let me run with you because then I can show you my favorite trails. There’s one that’s really–”

Jessi dropped her hand away and motioned to the door. “Hurry up, puppy. I’m ready to go.”

Reid’s face lit up with delight and he pulled his t-shirt off in one motion, getting ready to drop his jeans when Jessi held up a hand.

“Hold on, hotshot. I’ll go out in the yard and wait for you. Fold your clothes and leave them on the chair. If you drop them everywhere Tyler might get the wrong idea.”

A momentary flash of panic crossed Reid’s face and Jessi winked at him and went to wait outside.

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11 years ago

Ohh! An another interesting one!!! :D

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