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Tuesday Tidbit

First to announce that my friend and one of my fellow authors-in-crime over at International Heat, Jambrea Jo Jones, has a release today. It’s a short story out from eXtasy books. Check it out here.

Tidbit from work in Progress: Wolf Games.


He shrugged. “I won’t go all he-man on you, but I will take care of you.”

“Oh yeah? You can control the wolf that much that you won’t hurt anyone who touches me?” Maggie walked away from him, leaning her back on the sidewall of the passenger compartment.

This conversation grew more confusing by the second. “What are you talking about?

“I saw it. In the Whistler pack, there was an incident. Tell me it won’t infuriate you if I…hugged someone. Or kissed them.”

Holy shit. Missy had told them a few stories about her time in her old pack, but there were obviously more horrors than he’d been aware of. He knelt and took her hands, warming them by rubbing them between his palms. “I wouldn’t like it, but I can behave responsibility. I don’t think my reaction would be any wilder than a typical human man. I do have control. I’ve worked hard at it.”


He nodded. “Really.”

She stared at him for a long time, a curious expression in her eyes. A crowd of noisy tourists poured onto the deck and her gaze narrowed, her face growing red. What the hell was going on in that devious mind of hers?

Maggie walked slowly toward the crowd of people, glancing over her shoulder at him as if making sure he still watched. She tapped one of the young men on the shoulder and smiled sweetly at him before saying something. The man shrugged.

She looked over her shoulder again, then grabbed the stranger. The whole group started talking loudly as she planted a huge kiss on his lips before releasing him and strolling back to where Erik stood.

He checked his blood pressure. He checked his temper. Both seemed normal, and the taunting look in her eyes did nothing but fill him with amusement. Okay, that was interesting. His wolf even snickered a little, seeing the humor in what she’d attempted to do and contentment rolled over him. He really did have this under control.

Now he just had to deal with her underestimating him.

He lifted her chin with his finger so their gazes could meet. “Just what do you think that proved?” She chewed on her lower lip, a crease marring the space between her eyes. He hadn’t reacted as she’d expected. “Should I go hit him? Fine.”

“Erik, wait. I’m…” she grasped his hand. He patted hers gently before letting it drop and wandering over to the confused gathering, his amusement growing by the second. The men spoke in Russian, and he translated their words with ease.

“What was that all about, Demitri?”

“I don’t know, but I think I like American girls.”

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