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Tuesday Tidbit

I feel like I haven’t done a tidbit for a while. I know I have, but I’ve been busy writing up the synopsis for Claiming Derryn, and filling in interview question for blogs…

My brain is going numb as I head into the launch for Tidal Wave. I’m very excited, but I’m also aware of more ‘to-do’ list items than when Wolf Signs came out. At some point I’m planning on just throwing the hands in the air and sitting back.

And starting a new story!


“Request permission to contact the QWE for transfer back to my assigned ship.” She stared straight into space, keeping her face blank. The sooner she did this the better.

“Not possible, baby.” Trev stepped forward, his concerned gaze sweeping her. “We’re undercover. The QWE doesn’t know we’re here and that’s how it’s got to remain.”

What? “One of the Institute’s flagships and you’re hiding from her?” Suspicions crowded her mind as the data fell into place. “Trev, what’s the name of this ship?”

“Well, baby, you see—”

“The name, Trev, or I’ll put a hurt on you.”

Davis stepped forward, tucked his fingers under her chin and lifted her gaze to meet his. The black sharysa on her shoulder squealed and leapt to the floor, chatting angrily at him from a safe distance. “Welcome aboard the Nottingham, sweetheart, your new home away from home.”

Her stomach fell. The Nottingham? The most notorious ship in the galaxy? Grawlix. “Oh fantastic, you’re telling me the two brightest minds in the Institute are now outlaws?” Davis beamed at her, but refused to relinquish her chin, his thumb stroking her jawline. She swallowed hard and maintained eye contact only though sheer willpower.

His touch undid her.

“She said we were two of the brightest minds, did you catch that, Trev?”

“I did. Think we can get it in writing?”

His caress distracted her, but their familiar banter made her heart ache. She wanted to run away before the whole universe went supernova. “Oooh, you are so annoying. How did this happen? You shipped out on a cruiser, Davis, six stinking months early without even saying goodbye. Trev and I were scheduled to join a research vessel prior to—”

“—getting volunteered for something more in line with my talents,” Trev interjected.

Davis released her, brushing his fingers against her cheek and her mouth went dry. Trev leaned against the wall, studying her. Her whole body reacted to his heated stare. Reacted to them. The combination of Trev and Davis played havoc on her libido. Crap, it wasn’t possible. She had to regain control before she ended up doing something she’d regret. She disregarded Davis, although it was difficult to ignore a six foot-four giant with a gleam in his eyes standing too far into her personal space.

“Yeah, well, even a peaceful research vessel needs to blow things up occasionally. You would have been fine.”

“I didn’t leave voluntarily,” Trev complained. “I got pulled into an undercover team for the Institute. I ran with them for five months before Davis tracked me down and appropriated my skills for his team. Now we’re all on the wrong side of the law.”

Melina glared at him. “Five months. It’s been an entire year. Once you were shanghaied, you didn’t think to contact me? Let me know you were still alive?”

“She’s got a point, Trev.” Davis stalked over to stand beside Trev, their bodies in matching positions, arms crossed, legs at ease. A mental snapshot of the two of them, together in that same pose as they waited for her to exit a class, flashed into her mind and she fought for a weapon to beat down the memories. Anger, anger would do it. She was mad at them, furious in fact. Work with the emotion. She had to stop her desire before it flared to the surface, unburied itself from where she’d hidden it.

“Shut up, Davis, this doesn’t concern you. You left us first. For all I know you volunteered to join the crew of the Nottingham and you’re nothing but a pirate.”

“But I’m a pirate with morals. That makes me different.”

Trev mock whispered, “There are pirates without morals?”

“Government,” Davis whispered back.

“Ahhh.” Trev nodded slowly before winking at her.

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Natasha A.
Natasha A.
12 years ago

so, really now….when is this coming out? because the teasing? yeah I need it to stop please.

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