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Woefully behind, and currently off in a different city than home, but I thought I’d drop in with a tidbit.

If you come back on Saturday there will be lots of nice things to read as we start Snippet Saturday.
From Legacy Vivian Arend 2009

He raised a brow. “I thought I was more than nice.” Glancing over her shoulder he tilted his head at the newcomers as if he’d just spotted them. “Hello. More family?” he asked as he tucked her under his arm.

Maxine fought the urge to roll her eyes, instantly reminded of dogs marking their territory. She clamped a lid on her laughter before it burst out. Leaning back comfortably, she settled against Ryan’s torso before making introductions. “Ryan, this is Maxamillion and Jamie. Guys, meet Ryan Claymore, my…” Shit. What should she call him—boyfriend? Lover? One was too juvenile, the other too risqué for this crowd, no matter how much truth there was in the statement.

Ryan reached around her to clasp Jamie’s fleshy hand in his firm grip. When Jamie’s eyes almost popped out his head, a bead of sweat appearing on his perfect brow, Maxine nudged Ryan in the side. “Hey, stop the pissing match. You don’t need to break anything,” she whispered. He released his hold slowly, making a show of placing his now free hand casually on Maxine’s hip, his thumb caressing under the edge of her blouse.

Maxamillion gaped openly at Ryan. “Your what?” He spun around to glare at Jamie. “You told me you were—”

“I hear the turkeys calling us,” Ryan interrupted, tugged Maxine toward the kitchen. “You boys look big enough to get yourself a drink if you want one. We’ll see you at the table when everything is ready.” He wove through the crowd of bodies, clutching her hand tightly until they were back in the kitchen amidst the bustle of serving spoons and heaping full bowls of mashed potatoes and stuffing.

“Ryan, what’s come over you?” Maxine asked quietly as they slipped past one of the aunties briskly stirring the gravy. “Ryan!”

He pulled her into the pantry and firmly closed the door after them. Then she couldn’t speak anymore, couldn’t breathe. He consumed her, his tongue demanding access to her mouth, plunging her into a maelstrom of passion with barely an effort. As he trapped her against the back of the door his rising erection pressed into her belly and heat spread throughout her body.

This was insane. There were close to sixty family members ranging throughout her house, including her sweet Gramma, and she was allowing herself to be ravished in the kitchen pantry. She put her hands on his chest and pushed, reluctant to have his mouth depart from hers, but frantic to stop before they were discovered necking like horny teenagers.

“Stop. What is your problem?”

He stepped back and crossed his arms casually across his chest. “You neglected to warn me your ex-lover was a dead ringer for Orlando Bloom.”

She snorted in disbelief. “This is because you’ve got a case of elf envy? He’s got the looks, but you’ve got the moves. Trust me, he’s nothing compared to you.” His grin lit up the small room. “Now can we please go make nice with the family without you killing anyone?”

He wrinkled his face, like he was considering hard, and she hit him in the gut.

Laughing like conspirators, they snuck out to join the throng.

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yeah!! 😀 looks good!

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