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Thursday Things

Fly the seat of the pants (pantsers) rules for nano.

1. Forget all the little rules I know about saying ‘felt’ instead of ‘was feeling’. Could increase word count quickly.

2. When the characters completely ignore the idea I had to meet in the common area of the house and instead get stuck in the elevator, assume that they know better than I do what’s happening. Let them run amuck and add 12+ pages to ms before finally getting them headed down the original road.

3. Ignore the fact that the planned male hero has had zero real contact with heroine by page 33 and word 14300. Note with interest that while he’s gotten some action in dream/visions his younger brother has been fooling around with heroine for the past 20 pages. Younger brother is a trifle bewildered by all this but he’s not complaining.

4. Heroine is clueless, in a nice way. Life is happening and she’s just along for the ride. Enjoying every minute.

That’s not a bad way to be….


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12 years ago

Sounds like a bit of a free-for-all. LOL
Gotta love it when your characters take you on a wild ride into the unknown and unplanned. weeeeeeeeee

P.S. I have not thrown down the challenge flag. I just let Mr. Muse have his way. *snort* like I could stop him.

12 years ago

ROFL! Better you than me Viv. Good Luck!!!


Tammy Lyn Carbol
Tammy Lyn Carbol
12 years ago


FANTASTIC meeting you today and thanks so much for coming to the ARWA workshop!

Hope you got a lot out of it and I’m thankful for all your input and ideas you gave ME!!!

It will be AWESOME!!! Hope to see you at the November Thursday meeting so I can give you and update on my cowboy story (if I get off my butt and write it LOL)

Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago

Thanks guys for the comments

Just so you know, I’m home again and hope to post a Fae Vision installment tomorrow morning.

Tammy Lyn, great to meet you. I won’t be at the Nov meeting so you’ll have to touch base here or by email.

Gotta go and nano… I’ve got a great scene that screamed to be written the last 3 hours of our drive when it was too dark to write!

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