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Thursday Things

I’m still planning for Nano that starts in a few weeks. It’s interesting that I’m in the middle of first edits on ‘Wolf Signs’ and while I’m learning a ton there’s not a lot that I’ll do different when I write my next story.

Three Things:

1. They say to -kill the inner editor- when you write for Nano. I never really got the whole ‘whoa is me, this is so hard’ that people were complaining about. Just write the damn thing. I would go back and change a few lines here and there without a single worry.

Trust me, do NOT try to edit while you write. It’s not worth it. If you are talking about things like avoiding word repeats. Or using garbage words like ‘so’ and ‘really’ and ‘just’. If I was spending time thinking ‘I can’t use that word’ it would slow me down enormously.

Word changes can happen in edits very quickly. That’s what the ‘find’ button is for.

2. POV Some people get really hung up on the point of view issue. I’ve heard you should write an entire scene only from one POV. Then I go read a multi selling author and get to watch them head hop twenty times on a page.

Ahhhh… but it’s Good head hopping!

Get over it. Write. When you edit you may have to throw out a few lines when you mistakingly tell me that the POV characters face turned white. Of course, she can’t see it. Delete and deal with it later. Agonzing over it while you’re writing can make you freeze.

3. As you’re writing so joyfully and quickly, you suddenly notice the extremely high number of crazily descriptive adverbs that have unknowingly snuck in.

For me, trying to deal with the ‘ly’ words while I write is like pulling teeth. If I’m into a writing groove and it means the ‘ly’s are flying hard and fast, so be it.

I’ll do some carefully considered extractions later.

Off to check some more POV errors, and remove a few more lightly tossed adverbs. I’ve already finished filling the trash with my garbage words.

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12 years ago

Viv, I didn’t know “‘so’ and ‘really’ and ‘just’ ” were garbage words. Yikes, they are some of my favorites! Is there a list of them somewheres?

Does this apply to reviews too???

I am really just so much in trouble now!!!


Viv Arend
Viv Arend
12 years ago


Is there a list somewhere? Probably.

Does it apply to reviews as well? Probably not, unless the words get repeated so often they start sticking in your throat!

Tell you what, I’ll post a list of ‘deadly words’ for next Thursday’s post!

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