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Thursday Things




See a trend?

Currently have 3 manuscripts out in submissions and I’m… you know it. Waiting.

But I’m working too. I’ve realized that when you’re busy doing other things it’s not so tempting to continue to hit the in box every two minutes to see if there’s a response.

Yet. 🙂

My friend RC had a great idea that I think I’m going to copy. She’s start a list of 4 things to do each day with two bonus items. She works the list and at the end of the day what ever is not done moves up and continues the next day.

I know, it’s plain and simple and those are the plans that work. So I’ll be making my little list and settling down to getting more stories completed.

Since almost everything in the ‘finished’ pile seems to be at publishers right now….

OH!! For some excellent advice on how to get published go here.

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12 years ago

Oh man, waiting sux!
Don’t they know we’re the most important people in the world???
At least you’ve got company on the waiting bench.
How you doing with the goal list? I’ve stuck to mine really well which of course means something will go wrong soon. LOL

Jess Dee
Jess Dee
12 years ago

I’m holding your hand while you wait, Viv.
Damn, the anxiety is a killer!

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