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The squealing post

No, there’s no actual noise coming to hit you. This is for all things that have happened over the past week while I’ve been holding the Fans and Favorites event.

WolfTracksweb 1First, I have to say THANK YOU!!! Holy Moly, the number of people who have purchased Wolf Tracks, and then written to tell me what they thought–I’m overwhelmed. It means so much to know that you are enjoying the Granite Lake series, and my writing. And yes, it definitely motivates me to write more!!

Wolf Tracks made it to the top of the MB&M list. It also hit a high of 82 in the Kindle books at Amazon. That’s the #82 book available in kindle, all genres, all lengths. All kinds of authors. That’s little ol’ TJ sitting between Ken Folette’s World without End, and Diane Galbaldon’s Dragonfly in Amber. (I just shivered…)

And when you split off to only the romance genre, TJ and Pam’s love story was ranked with books by people like Janet Evanowich, JR Ward and Gena Showalter. #8 at the best showing.

Kinda makes a girl’s week…

?ui=2&ik=10c8511527&view=att&th=12beb633223e2674&attid=0Then I got an email letting me know that three of my books made it to the finals in the EPIC book awards. 😀 The grin just got bigger. Being selected is a great honour for me as it’s a judged event from my writing peers.

Up for the honours are:

Turn It On- Erotic Contemporary
Wolf Games- Erotic Paranormal
Rocky Mountain Haven- Erotic Western

Ready for more?

aadAnd then Authors After Dark contacted me to let me know two of my books were also nominated in the Bookie Awards! These are voted on my bloggers and readers, completely blind nominations, so I’m very pleased. The voting for the actual winners starts sometime in November.

Thanks AAD and those that nominated my books.

Look at these lists! I’m in some cool company. FREAK ME OUT…I’m on a list with Larissa, Kresley, LORA, and Patricia?
**faints** 😉

Paranormal Menage:
Vampire Mistress, Joey W. Hill
Vampire Trinity by Joey W. Hill
Fearless Desire by Stacey Espino
Embraced By Passion Diana DeRicci
Perfection by Kris Cook
Moonlight Menage, Stephanie Julian
Whirlpool by Vivian Arend

Werewolf Novel:
Sin Undone by Larissa Ione
A Certain Wolfish Charm by Lydia Dare
Pleasure of a Dark Prince, Kresley Cole
Styx’s Storm – Lora Leigh
Alpha Awakening by Diana DeRicci
Wolf Signs – Vivian Arend
Dark Succession, by Teresa D’Amario
Blameless by Gail Carriger
Moon Sworn, Particia Briggs

If you’re still reading, awesome job 😉 One more thing!!

?ui=2&ik=10c8511527&view=att&th=12bf8a435f493e0b&attid=0Long and Short Reviews sent me their post for Wolf Tracks. After getting a 5 book rating, the story is up for book of the week, if you feel inclined to go do some clicking. 😉 Poll is open Saturday and Sunday at the site.

Vivian Arend’s Granite Lake Wolves series is that rare combination of romance, adventure, humor and screaming hot sex, all in one story.

Thanks, Holly!

So, has it been a good week? You bet. And tomorrow I have cover art to share, and Monday, an announcement about the Six Pack Ranch. The adventure continues and I’m still enjoying the thrill!

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10 years ago

Oh my goodness! Congrats Congrats Congrats… that is a whole bunch of great news!!! 😀 Smiling and doing a happy dance for you!

Vivian Arend
Vivian Arend
10 years ago
Reply to  Colleen

Thank you, Colleen. And it’s going to keep getting better, right? (I’ll be floating!)

10 years ago

Congrats on all you noms. I wish you luck. You are having a very good week maybe a lottery ticket?

Nancy Gilliland
Nancy Gilliland
10 years ago

You deserve every accolade coming your way now. I predict many more wonderful things in the future for you, young lady. Congrats on all of the good things, and here’s to many more happy times.

Erotic Horizon
Erotic Horizon
10 years ago

Sounds like alot of things to squeal about – Congrats all round..


10 years ago

Go you good thing!
That is awesome stuff.

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