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The buzz about Rocky Mountain Heat

I’m feeling a little tipsy with the rush of positive feedback I’ve been getting about Rocky Mountain Heat. I’m so glad that readers have been enjoying it. Not just the heat, although that’s been mentioned a few time :wink: but they’ve been getting the whole setting and feel of the story, and that makes me very proud.

Chris at Night Owl Romance gave it a 4.5 and a Reviewer Top pick
Neighbors for what seems forever, Blake and Jaxi have a history. But when Jaxi starts to develop into a young woman, Blake who is ten years older than her, suddenly becomes scarce. Hurt and confused by his actions, Jaxi still hangs around the Coleman ranch, and even dates one of his brothers. But he’s the man she loves and hopes to marry someday. How will she ever get him to notice her?

I absolutely inhaled this story. Full of angst, anxiety and confusion Jaxi and Blake’s dance around each other made for an absorbing read.

The rest of the review can be found by clicking the link to Night Owl.

Mistress Bella’s Reviews

Rocky Mountain Heat is short, sweet and an awesome set up for what I hope is an erotic and fun series. Six, sexy studs in all, the Coleman clan made me laugh and made me want to be part of their family. Vivian Arend shows a real knowledge of men in her depiction of the brothers. They are naughty, authentic and utterly irresistible. I give Rocky Mountain Heat four smacks with the option for more once the series is completed. It’s hot and sweet right now, but I could see the rest of the brothers jacking that up to smoking!

And thanks to the ladies at the James Gang who have made me blush with their praise. I’m very honored readers are enjoying the book.

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Natasha A.
Natasha A.
11 years ago

Guess what I am reading RIGHT now?? :D

11 years ago

Yay Viv! Of course you get good feedback — cuz it's awesome!


Viv Arend
Viv Arend
11 years ago

Did you enjoy it Tasha?

And thanks Bella. :)

Natasha A.
Natasha A.
11 years ago

Oh I did!!! I can't wait to read about all the other Coleman's!

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