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Feature Friday: High Risk

For today’s Feature Friday, I am showcasing the first book in my other Adventure Romance series: Adrenaline Search & Rescue, HIGH RISK.
Rebecca James was once revered for her devil-may-care attitude and backcountry survival skills. But ever since she lost her partner in a fatal accident, patches of her memory have been missing. And until she can recall those final, tragic moments before the accident, she can’t move on.
Since Marcus Landers was permanently injured during a mission, all his energies have been focused on his Lifeline team. When Becki—whom he had an intense affair with seven years ago—arrives in Banff, he’s inspired to reignite the spark they once had. Their mutual ardor slowly awakens Becki’s dormant, haunting memories.
New truths surface until Becki must at last confront her greatest fear. Remembering the past might mean a future without the man she loves…
Get your copy for only $2.99* today!
*Sale price may be per publisher, and not available in all countries

Feature Friday: Rocky Mountain Heat

Today’s Feature Friday book is the first in the Six Pack Ranch series, ROCKY MOUNTAIN HEAT.
Rocky Mountain Heat
He’s the one who taught her to ride. Now all he wants is to ride her.
Blake Coleman is old enough to know that acting on impulse causes nothing but trouble. But when trouble’s a western-hat-wearing blonde with slim legs that go on forever, what’s a man to do? Wanting the sweet girl next door is just wrong. The responsible thing to do is keep his hands off.
Jaxi has other plans for Blake’s hands, and his heart. She may have once considered him a big brother, but that was a long time ago. She’s all grown up now and ready to convince him that she’s perfect for him. Except he can’t seem to see past the big “don’t touch” sign that’s apparently still hanging around her neck.
When Jaxi ends up living right under Blake’s nose, the undeniable heat between them slides off simmer and leaps up to barn-burning levels. However, a few of the younger six-pack Colemans have decided Jaxi’s brand of trouble is worth risking a few busted bones.
That is, if Blake’s finally ready to let go the reins and fight for what he wants…
Warning: Sexy cowboys seducing and being seduced in trucks, pool halls and barns. Droolworthy country charm, a little double-teaming, a few secrets and a whole lot of brothers to look forward to. Anyone wanna go for a ride?


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Feature Friday: Ride Baby Ride

For a limited time, RIDE BABY RIDE is free at all retailers. So, take a chance and fall in love with the tight Thompson family, starting with the only girl, Katy Thompson.

He wants all her tomorrows

Small town mechanic Gage Jenick’s been waiting for this moment ever since his best friend’s little sister transformed from annoying tagalong to desirable woman. When sweet Katy Thompson kicks her boyfriend to the curb, Gage makes his move. In spite of an assignment that will take him completely off the grid for five long months, he steals her away for one night of steamy passion with the promise of more in the future.

She can’t remember yesterday

When a freak accident on a storm-swept road leaves Katy with a memory full of holes, she can’t remember her own email password, much less how the little pink “positive” on the pregnancy stick got there. She’s at a loss to explain what happened, or when…or with whom. Suddenly she’s got two men claiming to be her baby daddy: her redneck ex, and her long-time crush, Gage.

But what the mind forgets, the heart remembers. Still, it’s going to be a long, hard ride to a happily-ever-after for two, plus one.


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Feature Friday: Turn it Up

Do you love small town contemporary romance? How about a friends to lovers story, or even a pregnancy book? If so, you should pick up a copy of TURN IT UP!

She’s looking for her heart’s desire. He’s ready to give it to her.

Maxwell Turner Junior has led a charmed life. His easy-going manner and higher than average smarts usually get him what he wants—with one exception. Natasha Bellingham has resisted him for far too long. She may be ten years older, but so what? He’s plenty old enough to know they belong together. Now all he has to do is convince her.

Natasha’s love life has degenerated into a series of bad clichés. Her biological clock is ticking—loudly. As a proven architect with her own company, she’s financially ready for a baby. Who says she needs a permanent man in her life for that? She just needs a “donation”.

When Max discovers Natasha’s plans include artificial insemination, he’s outraged. She wants to get pregnant? No problem. He’s more than willing to volunteer—no turkey basters involved.

But there’s one non-negotiable clause: He wants forever. And he intends to do everything in his power—fair and unfair—to make it happen.


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Feature Book: Rocky Mountain Home

With the release of A RANCHER’S HEART right around the corner, I thought it’d be fun to do a mini re-read of the Six Pack Ranch Series to get ready for Tamara and Caleb. Next up, ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOME.  We get to learn so much more about Tamara, and it’s the first chance to meet Caleb.

There’s no distance you can run to escape the past.

Too stubborn to face his sins, Jesse Coleman bolted from the Six Pack Ranch, only to fall straight into the arms of a beautiful stranger. Twelve hours later, the seductive firebrand is nothing but a whiskey-laced memory—but one powerful enough to convince Jesse tracking down his elusive lover is worth the effort.

Darilyn Hayes figured it was her lucky night when the sexiest cowboy in Alberta interrupted her annual drink-until-I-fall-over wake. At least until four weeks later when she discovers she’s pregnant and her one-night-stand is nowhere to be found. Still, as she’s shared with her devoted blog readers, Dare has dealt with life’s not-so-gentle surprises before. She’ll make it on her own.

When an internet picture gone viral leads to their reunion, Jesse’s floored by Dare’s news. She’s very clear she’s not looking for a commitment, but screw that. He’s going to do the right thing by her and his unborn kid. The fact they lit the sheets on fire is a bonus, but with a baby on the way, both their lives are gonna change.

Jesse’s got a ton of family to reconnect with, including his estranged twin. Dare holds family loosely—even though she loves them—because she knows too well how fragile life can be. Between her and Jesse, they’ve got enough baggage to open a store.

But they still have a shot at forever—if they’re willing to fight for it.

This final novel in the series contains the following:

A sexy, dirty, cocky-as-hell prodigal son Coleman with massive bridges to rebuild. A woman able to see to the heart of the matter yet bold enough to speak the truth. A family of extraordinary resolve and endless love. A wedding or two. And babies—oh lordy, the babies…   


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February, somewhere in rural Alberta

Jesse Coleman was lost.

He cursed as he spread the old-fashioned road map in front of him on the dash, the dim light from the overhead lamp not helping as he peered at the thin lines representing secondary roads. He’d grown up driving the back roads of rural Alberta, but mostly in the central parts. He was far enough out of familiar territory that with the snow falling like a thick curtain, he could barely find his own ass.

GPS was no help, and he gave up. No way he was making it any farther tonight. He needed a place to get off the road and out of the snow.

He was shoving the map back in the glove box when, miracle of miracles, headlights appeared behind him, coming over the rise. At least it meant he wasn’t completely screwed. The truck slowed as it passed him, people with unfamiliar faces offering a friendly wave as they sent a swirl of fresh fallen snow flying skyward.

Jesse threw his truck into gear and hauled ass, horse trailer and all, following the red taillights like a beacon.

Fifteen minutes later the snow slowed enough to let the lights of a motel sign shine the first hope on his miserable evening. It wasn’t going to be pretty, but it was better than sleeping in his truck.

A small shelter with a fenced paddock stood behind the main office, so he got his horse settled, then slipped into the room he’d been given at the end of the motel row.

A single glance was enough to confirm what he’d already suspected. “Jeez. End of the fucking world, and I’ve found it.”

Puke-green bedspread. A black velvet painting screwed to the wall over the bed—classy. The wood paneling on the lower half of the walls was so bashed up it looked as if someone had taken a hammer to it. One shelf hung on the wall with a two-foot-long bar under it, a few metal coat hangers tangled in a mess. The carpet—threadbare and stained.

He didn’t dare look in the bathroom.

Still, one night was all he needed.

“I’ve slept in worse,” he told Morgan.

His dog didn’t seem to believe him as the animal worked his way around the entire room before picking a spot by the door to curl up. As if to say he was ready to leave anytime Jesse came to his senses and said the word.

Jesse patted Morgan on the head, rubbing the golden retriever behind the ears affectionately. “I hear you, but I need a drink. No, I need a couple of drinks,” he told the dog. “Stay, and be good. Tomorrow we’ll figure out how to get to our new home.”

Morgan thumped his tail once then put his head down and closed his eyes.

End of the world, all right, but even in the boonies there was bound to be liquor.

The rooms stretched in a long arm west of the motel office. On the other side was a small café and bar. Jesse paced past the closed sign in the café door, headed for where music was spilling from behind the neon-lit saloon sign.

The words he’d said to his dog haunted him as he pushed through the door. Home. They didn’t have one right now, and this bar just made it all the clearer they weren’t in familiar territory.

The place was not much more than three stools at a high counter, a couple of tables with hard wooden chairs and a dartboard on the wall. A large-screen TV hung over the bar, a hockey game in progress, but Jesse’s attention shot straight to the redhead at the counter, glasses lined up in front of her as if she was settling in for a long, intense bout of drinking.

Sounded like a fucking great idea.

The wind caught the bar door, slamming it shut behind him, and all eyes turned in Jesse’s direction. Two old-timers nursing drinks in the corner. The bartender behind the counter.


The woman’s gaze brushed him, lingering on the bruise beside his eye before slipping down his body then back up, her lips twisting into a smile. He offered one in return.

Buxom redheads were his favourite.

Her hair was braided back, the long length of it pulled forward to rest over her plaid-covered breast. Tight faded jeans, working leather belt. Light brown leather half-boots that looked worn and comfy.

She must have felt his gaze lingering because she glanced up to offer him a glimpse into grey-green eyes, a smattering of freckles over her nose and cheeks. Then she ignored him, motioning at the bartender as he brought forward yet another glass.

Jesse was intrigued. He made his way next to her. “Looks like a party in the making. Want a little company?”

“Knock yourself out,” she offered.


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